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How do you bond with your cat?

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Hello, everyone!
I am new to the board & am curious about all of the silly things that happen between you & your cats that you think of as a special bonding thing, almost like a daily habit, or ritual, that is unique to each cat.
For instance, Mini loves to play & be silly with me when I make the bed, & Tucker loves to visit Mom when she is in the bathroom taking care of business! (no privacy here!) It will be a good chuckle to hear some of your stories!
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Joji - she kneads on my tummy b4 bedtime while I'm petting her on the head and saying "Joji, my angel"
Skinny - must carry her after she's been bullied by the others. I think she purposely taunts them so they can chase her and she runs to me.
QT - we bond when I brush her every morning
Wawa - he and I play exclusive every day around 5 in the p.m.
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Well, our kitty is still new to our house so we're still developing our bonding routines. However, she loves to play with us when we're at our computers. Even if I just sit in the chair and don't use the computer she jumps up and down from my lap constantly - mostly with me, sometimes with my husband. Chloe also greets me every morning as soon as I step out of the shower and she likes to wake up my husband in the morning since he gets up after I'm out of the shower.
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Ebony is my personal alarm clock every morning by giving me headbutts and licking me all over my face promptly at 5:30am. At the time I am usually annoyed and want my last 15 min. of sleep, but its such a sweet snuggly ritual too.
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Sasha and I bond when he licks my nose and sleeps with me. He's a very nice heater when it's 15 degrees out.

Our new little one, Saba, is in the process of bonding. She is everywhere and doing everything at the moment like a 9 mo old kitten. But we already kiss her nose and she loves that.
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Elizabeth, that is so sweet that little Saba is letting you guys kiss her little nose already!

Trent and I have "mommy-baby time" every morning before I leave for work. I get up a few minutes early so we can have our time together. Ophelia...well, she gets treats from me almost every night, I guess that's our bonding. She bonds more with hubby. She waits for him to wake up and gets snuggles laying on his chest. Most of the time she waits. If he covers his head with his pillow she sits on his head until he gives in.
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Willow and I bond when I lift up the blankets on the bed and ask if she wants to snuggle with me. She comes under the blankets and curls up next to me.

Both Willow and Spot also play "kitty-go-round" where they take turns chasing each other off of my lap.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
If he covers his head with his pillow she sits on his head until he gives in.

too much~~!
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Pody jumps on top of my monitor and watches while I surf.
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Elmer: He likes to be told his a good boy and a good puppy (even though hes a cat) while cuddling on the bed. Petting without the verbal just doesnt do it for him in quite the same way.

Casey: Likes to play with string and answers questions such as "Are you a pretty kitty?" (or any question) with a cute almost silent meow. To bad shes such a scardy cat.

Buddy: Likes to sit in my lap and sleep, but for the most part stays in whichever room I am in to be close to me. He also loves to be fed (eats to fast) and plays with catnip toys or string.
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Jelly: when she sees us, she'd immediately meow and purr! Then she'd give us headbumps and rub her face all over. Sometimes she does that around 5:30am, it can be annoying but geez, I love her to bits to get mad at her!

Moo-moo: he meows and gives us headbutts, especially when he's hungry.

everybody else: they don't demand any attention actually. but sometimes they come up to us and demand some loving!
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Ashley doesn't demand too much attention, but her and I share an emotional bond, and she knows exactly how I'm feeling. When I'm upset, she won't let me out of her sight.

Archimedes, whom we've only had a week, won't let either Chris or I out of his sight. When you walk out of the room, he cries. He even follows us up the stairs at night. He sleeps next to me and will remain in that position the entire night. Then when we get out of bed, he follows me downstairs, runs immediately to the litter box and then by the time he's done, I have his food ready for him. Nice little routine to be had within a week! When Chris is at work, and I'm at the computer, he's always right next to me, sleeping either on the desk or as he is now in my jacket. Such a sweet little guy.
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Dinah loves to snuggle. The way she prefers is just adorable. She likes to crawl up my chest when I am sitting down, and have the length of her against my stomach and chest, with her head right under my chin, while she places her paws on either side of my face. She loves that kind of closeness with me, and I adore it too. I just love my baby girl.
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Wow thats a hard one me and JJ bond in a lot of ways he goes to the loo with me and he has a tub with me he sit's on my lap and watches tv or rather I watch tv and he goes to sleep wile mummy rub's his belly and so many other things we do it would take me 3 days to type it all in but my fav thing that we do together is when he reads with me it is so cute and you don't get much reading done it is like this you lay down to read JJ jumps up on the bed lays on me and then says what you reading mummy and swats said book with paw this goes on till mummy says ok ok you win and puts said book down and proceeds to rub sir pussy cats belly
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I bond with my two by talking softly and giving them hugs, scritches and treats

I also make sure i have some play time with both of them
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Sierra and I especially bond when we are snuggling up for bed! It's special any time I pick her up and we cuddle and love. She enjoys being gently rubbed up the little bridge of her nose between her eyes and on her cheeks, then we rub noses and I give her a little kiss on her sweet forhhead. She loves her bonito treat when I'm rubbing her, and we have such a great time playing with her toys or having a fun catnip party! We bond in so many special ways!
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Tibby and I will bond when he is sitting next to me, playing or I am intervening his cheeky games.

Molly and I bond when we can - Tibby is an attention seeker - so it is usually when she crawls into bed with me or when I am on the computer.

I make sure we have lots of hugs, scritches and kisses all day long though!!
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Well Gandalf and I bond when I sit down to either watch tv or use the computer. He has to be in my lap and can't resist cuddling him close. Samwise on the other hand bonds with me at night and early in the morning. He has to be touching me to sleep and demands lovin's right before bed.
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KC: bonding time is soley at nighttime, and I have to be lying down with my hair spread out on the pillow. She kneads / drools and nuzzles my hair til she falls asleep.

Zorro: bonding time... in the morning. Big fat cat follows me every morning "without fail" into the bathroom and takes his spot in the corner near the shower, to sleep while I shower & get ready.

Hammie: bonding time is every-time! When my daughter and I get home, we can always count on Hammie watching us through the catdoor into the basement. He is a lover, the little monster, and loves to follow us humans around.

Snickers: morning bonder... he sleeps on my legs, every single night... and in the morning when that alarm clock goes off, he gets up, walks up to my face and purrs til I get out of bed.

Jessie... she doesn't really bond with anyone, she's a loner and very skitzy. However, weirdly enough, when I was very sick and sleeping downstairs to avoid keeping my daughter up with my coughing, Jessie curled up next to me one of those awful nights and just stared at me. I think it was the following night I was taken to the hospital. It was like she knew I was going to leave. She hasn't curled up next to me or wanted attention like that since!
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Malakai jumps up on the desk while I'm at the computer... Head butts me until I kiss him and tell him how handsome he is... Then he plops down in front of the keyboard so I have to type over him... He also comes to me when he wakes up and is still groggy so I'll hold him until he's completely awake... And, of course, he sleeps with me at night... he lays on the pillow above my head and grooms my hair while I'm sleeping... That gets annoying sometimes to cuz it wakes me...
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Simon is my guard kitty and must be watching over me at all times. We have a special bond anyway because he really is a one person kitty. If everyone else fell off the earth, Simon wouldn't care. We bond most when I am in the guest bedroom watching TV or reading. He will just lay there and be petted forever. He gives me headbonks and kneads his front paws in the air.

Max is more picky. He wants his loves when he wants them. He will run around behind me yelling and then when I look at him, he flops over so he can get his belly rubbed. He also likes to snuggle in the bed with my husband and I when we go to bed at night.
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That is a hard question..
Twig usually wants his bonding time around 3am. he will knock a glass or something off my husbands nightstand, waking us us just a little bit, then he will promptly come up onto our chests and wait for one of us to pet him. If one falls asleep, then he will go to the other one. This lasts for about 5 minutes.
Rocket is needy for an Abby cat. He LOVES petting, to be held, and at night he will come up and knead my hair and purr right before we go to sleep all the while I'm petting him.
Isis loves to be held on her terms only. She is very skittish and when she wants to play or some attention, she will cry from the bedroom, and you have to go to her, lay on the bed and pet her. No holding her though, she doesn't like it and will cry and bury her head in your arm until you put her down.
Luna is different. She likes the bed and to sleep with me( we have pictures of her sleeping right next to me) but she also likes to be petted in the kitchen, on the counters. She also isn't one for holding. If you pick her up, she will squirm to be put down. Maybe that's the feral in both of them(Isis and Luna).
I always have to say goodbye to them before I leave for work (and to make sure they are all accounted for before I leave also) and give them kisses on the heads. When Brad comes home Twig will run to him and give him actual hugs. The other three will run to me when I come home, Twig will stay in the place he is.
We've decided that Isis, Luna and Rocket are my cats, and Twig is Brads cat.
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All of you have such great kitties

Teufel and i bond alot!!! and i mean maybe too much??? lol
as soon as i walk in the door to get in he will run to me to get kisses and hugs.
When i go to the toilet he has to jump on my lap and will purr and purr and not let me finish my business lol.

We have a game called attack me.
I have to stare into his eyes and hide under the blanket.
He comes and pounces on my head or on my hands. I have to be careful that he doesnt scratch me though!! i have a scratch on my face really big.. ew.

ermmm he also sleeps with me. he used to sleep above my head at night but he cant here so he will either make me sleep in the middle, or he will be in the middle or on me.
Today i couldnt move i had to stay on my back because he looked so comphy that i didnt want to ruin the moment
I also wake up constantly to make sure he is near by
Now we have a big computer desk so he can sit on one side. but he does prefer to be on my lap!!!

Ohh and did i mention that he mews at the toilet door untill i say "yeah" and then he is able to open it to come in??

Also my cat has been getting more kisses and cuddles than my bf haha
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