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Food Allergy

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Hi, my names is Missy and I am new to this forum. I have two cats Sadie and Soltie, sisters, 8 years old. They are my babies and I love them dearly.

Soltie started licking excessively and was getting bald spots all over her body. I took her to the vet and he discovered that her thyroid was overactive and put her on Tapazole. Her thyroid is in the normal range now, but she was still licking and lossing her hair. The vet seems to think that she as become allergic to her food. The vet put her on science diet (dry) for sensitive skin. However, she nor Sadie will eat this dry food, for they won't eat anything that is round (their kinda picky--spoiled). So with hungry eyes staring at me, I got on the Internet and did some research about food allergies and discovered that a cat can become allergic to a food or an ingredent in the food that they have eaten for a long period of time. I read that when a cat has become allergic to the food that they normally eat, you need to change their protein and carbohydrate. The food Soltie (Fancy Feast and Meow Mix) were mainly chicken, fish, beef with the carbohydrate being wheat. So I got Iams lamb and rice canned food and she and Sadie have adjusted to eating this (lets stress adjusted to but does not necessarly like it).

If anyone has dealt with or know anything about food allergies I would really appreciate you sharing your experience/information with me.

My cats nibble when they eat so its takes all night for them to empty their bowl. So when the diet of one cat changes, it changes for the other cat. Sadie, the cat with no food allergies, is still looking for the good cat food and somehow knows that it's Solties fault that she is not getting it and will just every-so-often go by and smack Soltie on the head. It's really quite funny watching them.

Hope to hear from someone soon. Even just to say hi.
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The vet I used to work for specialized in dermatology. I am fairly familiar with a lot of the issues. If you have any specific questions, I might be able to help.
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My Loki was misdiagnosed with Inflamatory Bowel decease - it turned out that he had a food alergy to one or some the ingredients in Nutro dry. The symptoms exactly matched Inflamatory Bowel Decease. It took me adopting my Somali Piper who was on Hills Science Diet for Sensitive Stomaches to find out.

For what ever reason he decided to start eating her food and not eat Nutro anymore. Within 1-2
days his symptoms disappeared and his stool is now A1. Called the Vet and told him what had happened - all he could say was that food alergies can wreck havock with their systems and are often
misdiagnosed - DUGHHHHH!

The one good thing is that I don't have to wipe Loki's butt anymore - I think he even misses it.
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When we rescued our newest addition he had almost no hair due to allergies (and who knows what else). After a shot of prednisone and a switch to Science Diet, his allergies have almost completely cleared up and his fur has returned. He still gets itchy, bright red spots on his arm pits, so we don't have it all cleared up...but it's 95% better. Hopefully, at some point we will discover whatever is causing the raw arm pits and will have his life a bit more comfortable.
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