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oh yay! I start my pet store job tomorrow!

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okay, okay, I know it may sound a little dumb, but I'm sooo excited. Tomorrow is my first day working at a pet store. It's a small little shop privatly owned by a really nice lady who actually cares about all of her animals. They have the cutest little persian kitten there (oh I want her so bad - but $300 for a kitty is not what I am about to spend right now) They've also got 3 other short hair kitties, chinnies! (yay!), ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and rats. Too bad no hedgies ohh well - yay! (just had to tell someone ) It's also my bday tomorrow - so I guess it's kinda like a present to myself
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NightSoWindy Have fun!!

If you really love animals, a pet store job is perfect for you!

Good luck in your new job!!
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congratulations and good luck on your new job!
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thank you! (yay - I'm officially 20! hee hee) :tounge2:
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Well good luck on the new job NightSoWindy but above all
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Have a super cool day!!! I wish you all best things!!!!
Love and hugs
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Congratulations on your new job, I hope it goes well for you. Happy 20th b-day, may you have many more, all happier than the last! :icecream:
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hee hee, thank you!! (oh my gosh, I'm about ready to sneak that little persian kitten out in my bag next day I work - hee hee) :tounge2:
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And congrats on your new job! I think that is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

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Christina, How was your first day on the job? I can't wait to hear all about it!
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thanks again everyone! (wow - I feel special hee hee) Oh! My first day at work was soo nice! First we started out by cleaning the dishes for the small mammals - which meant I could pet all of them at the same time (heh) bunnies, kittens, rats, mice, siberian hamsters, teddy hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs. And then back to pet the kittens and chinchillas again . . . and again. :tounge2: Then once we were finished there, we moved onto birds (surprisingly they weren't really dirty birds!) we cleaned their trays and dishes. There is the cutest little cockateil (sp?) who screams like an old woman because she's used to being handfed and doesn't want to eat out of a bowl. So she'll come up to the side of the cage and press her "forehead" against it - then I rub the top of it and say "sorry, I am not allowed to hand feed you, I don't even know how!" and stuff like that - she just looks at me and screams again. It's not really loud, but she constantly does it, so it gets a little annoying. She's also a little chubby, but that makes her even more cute. (then back to the persian heh heh) then to clean out the dead fish - EWWW!!!! GROSS!!!! then to get cricket orders by picking up dozens of them at a time and putting them in a bag - EWWW! But not as bad as I thought - heh heh. (then chinchilla petting again). Then organizing the shelves (then holding hamsters and kittens and ferrets). And that was pretty much my day! Not hard work at all, in fact, I like it a lot! I am looking forward to working here for a while, I hope! woo hoo!
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Christina, it sounds like an awesome job!!! And I hope you had an awesome birthday, too!!!!!
I see you mentioned Hedgies, and you said you wished they had some there....do you like hedgies? I do too!!!!!! I have two wonderful hedgies, Spike and Penelope!!!!!
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