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Merrick canned food

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has anyone tried merrick canned foods? my pet food store just got some in and my girls LOVE this stuff. it actually looks pretty good too! i mean if i was stranded and had to eat cat food, i would actually eat this stuff! it's is made with all real meat and potatos and all kinds of good stuff. the food also has fun names like Turducken, Grammy's Pot Pie, Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Cowboy Cookout. the only thing is that it's expensive, so the don't get this every day. Does anyone know where you can buy it online that has good prices? I pay about 95 cents a can. (not the really small fancy feast type cans, but not the really tall dog food type cans either. a regular medium size can)Thanks!
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I feed Dori Merrick wet (they have dry food for cats coming in Spring). I love it. Dori's coat has gotten so much better since using it and her energy level went up. Her favorite flavors are Thanksgiving Day, Turducken, and Grannys pot pie. I pay $0.99 a can for the 3.5 oz size here, which I won't complain about because I was paying $1.29. To be honest I don't know of a place you can buy it for cheaper than 95 cents a can. I think thats probably about the average price of it. Even if you did find it cheaper, you would have to consider shipping.
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I'ts a great food, that gets discussed here off and on. Try www.petfooddirect.com for pricing, just know that I find them slow to ship cat food I've purchased from them, and factor in the shipping fees to the actual per can price.
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I buy it for 89 cents a can at a big pet warehouse in Anaheim. My cats love the flavors mentioned, but they don't care for the fishier varieties, like California Roll and New England Boil. They do like Surf n Turf, though, Gotta love those names. My guys get about half canned Merrick and half canned Wellness. And dinner tonight was canned Active Life. A great hit with them.
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Active Life, never heard of it, i will have to keep an eye out. my girls are the pickest eaters!!
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Pat sells it at http://catniptoys.com/Merchant2/merc...tegory_Code=CF
But it is expensive that way. But my cats are wild about it, so I will probably continue to buy it for them occasionally unless I can find a local supplier. Becky
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