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settled in! :D

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Okay finally we have half of the house set up!!!!!!!

Last week we painted the very dirty rooms,
Thoroughly cleaned the dirty bathroom and kitchen, vacumed the floor and mopped and mopped the kitchen/loungeroom area.

Now we have the computer desk in the nice cosy area. and we have a dining table and a matress. ANd some shelves.

WE still dont have a fridge or stove. but we have those little ovens and a small portable stove with us which is ok! Our fridge is outside the window but everything is frozen now because is snowed here today.
Big chunks of snow flakes.. it looked very pretty!
Teufel was at the window trying to get them
Teufel has settled here very nicely i think.
He has only one problem though and that is when we have the main door open. He runs out of the door and tries to greet the cat downstairs.
He is a 10 kilo russian blue he is so cute!
the cat on the first floor is all black and 15- 20 kilos!
they are both telling me i dont feed my cat enough!! but i do!!!!!!!

The other day my bf got a mouse for the cat and i got over it because i realised that the woman was a &*%&^%^& and that she gives them away because there are so many mices and they are bought for snakes anyway.

Now we are just waiting for some money to come in so we can buy the rest of the kitchen, a waldrobe a bed and the loungeroom!

Bens mother gave us some curtains but i decided not to put them up because teufel loves them too much
We are goign to make a cat tree soon a large ones and the curtains are going to be as a bedding, and one to drape over for him to climb and stuff
WEll i am glad that the house is nearly done!!
now i can start with my studies, first piece of work is due in Feb 11
as soon as i have pics i will show them to you all
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Im so glad you are settling in
I cant wait to see pics when you have everything done!!
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So glad to hear your all settled in!
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Glad to see your settling in. Its great fun buying for a new place even when you dont have much. Just to know that it is Home and Yours!
Good luck.
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WTG, fwan! The German rental system can be the pits - if you move into an apartment in the U.S., the kitchen is more or less fully equipped. Our state here in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) requires a stove, but that's it. Custom kitchens ("Einbauküchen") are all the rage here; when people get one, they usually have to pay so much to have their old appliances (and often cabinets)hauled away that it's worthwhile to just give them away to anybody who can pick them up. Get your boyfriend to look for used, but workable, appliances in the local newspaper, weekly bulletin ("Wochenblatt"), or area gazette ("Ortsmitteilungen" or "Mitteilungsblatt"). He should look under "Zu verschenken" (For free). You might be able to get perfectly good appliances at little or no cost, if you can transport them yourselves (perhaps by rental truck?).
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Yay! So good to hear! Can't wait to see pictures!
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Yess!! thank you tricia!
i know how bad it is.
well in frankfurt we had a full kitchen so it was good, that included dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, stove and fridge!! but we pay like 1,500 a month which isnt worth anymore because im not there and my parents are having a hard time looking for a new place.
We looked at this place he was going to give us free couches, kitchen schrank.
We dont need the kinderzimmer obviously and the bedroom he wanted money for it but it doesnt fit into our appartment.
But now ben and his mother arent speaking anymore so we dont get the free kitchen schrank or couches anymore. it makes me angry but i dont know maybe we still have the chance.
Im only interested in the kitchen cabinet because the couches are too big for our little appartment.

bens mother was doing alot for us through the newspapers but the point is for the kitchen thing they want money and we havent got any at all!!
Ben is waiting for money from the Sozialamt to get furnitures.
When ben and his mum get along again.... then maybe i will get the carpet and the mirror from her
Our newspapaer hasnt been here today so i will look tomorrow for nice things.
I have even looked on ebay but nothing is really in our area
Ikea has great deals but not really for the kitchen.
Ben and i plan on getting a brand new kitchen for our next house, but that wont be untill september or so
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i dont know why but i dont seem to type propely anymore.
Im draining my self while reading haha
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Glad to see your settling in.
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Originally Posted by fwan
the cat on the first floor is all black and 15- 20 kilos!
That's some cat! You realize you're talking 33 to 42 POUNDS!

Anyway, glad you are settling down.
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glad to hear you are settling in. Ebony was getting worried about her german cousin, Teufel!! I am glad to hear he is settling in and adjusting to his new home.
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Fwannie - I am so glad you are back and settling in. Please keep us posted on the adjustments in the feline department -- that kinda stuff interests me a lot!
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Its so interesting reading about your apartment as the set up isn't anything like it is here in the states. Sounds like Teufel is settling in too.
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we have been out a fair bit since we got here and now he doesnt let me out of his site.
he watches me cook, type and go to the toilet he is sleeping on my lap right now.
today i notices he is alot heacier so i presume he should be about 3 kilograms
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Good to hear you are settling in!

Nice to have you back at TCS.

How's your Mum?
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hmmm to be honest i dont know.
my dad has gone away to italy.. and she decided to stay there all by her self. which i dont understand why.... i cant force her to come here but apparently they were just around the corner from here and my dad said she wasnt allowed to see me so....
I think she has gone back to drinking again. I dont know what to do i have no money to go down there to help her.
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Aw sorry to hear that. I will keep your Mum in my thoughts!
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Thank you sam
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I'm happy for you! Bobbie
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I'm glad you're settling in so soon! Sounds like Teufel is doing GREAT, and that definitely means things are going well!

How'd the car ride go? I was thinking about Teufel.

And I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. We've had several people in our lives with drinking problems (one of them was Gary once!), and it can be so heartbreaking for everyone who loves them. Your mum's in my prayers.
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