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Previous relationship??

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I adopted my cat (male 1 year) and kitten (female (8 weeks) from the adoption center. Although they were never kept in the same cage, as soon as they got home they were great "friends" to the exclusion of my other cat (female 8 months). Is it possible they "knew" each other from the adoption center? These two continue to sleep together, cuddle and bathe each other today. They do pay more attention to the third cat, but it's never quite the same. They are both spayed/neutered. Does he think he's the dad or big brother? What's up?
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Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but welcome to TCS! It's nice that they're friends.
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maybe they recognised the smell of the adoption centre on each other or could pick up on the others feelings of nervousness and confusion? your 8 montyh old female would have smelt different and would be more secure in her surrondings than the two newbies. she would have also scent marked your house.
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One of my male cats, Buffy 3 yrs old, reacted in the same way to a kitten i brought home last summer. From day 1 he groomed Caleb, ate with him, slept and played with him. They still have a very close bond and are rarely out of each others sights. We always figured that Caleb knew exactly what he was doing, as Buffy is the boss of the house and keeps everyone else firmly in their place
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