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Willing to share your story for an article on pet grief?

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Hello, everyone.

I learned of this group last month, after struggling with the decision to get another cat.

In October, after much heartache and soul-searching, I decided to put my most favorite kitty, Timon, to sleep after his three-month fight with kidney disease. This was a great shock, as he was only 10, and I thought I'd have many more years with him.

As a newspaper reporter, I am often researching various topics. So, of course, when I was hurting (and, to be honest, the hurt is still with me, though not as severe), I got on the Internet to find people who could relate to my loss.

I found various sites on pet grief and started posting to pet-loss.com. The members there were all were quick to tell me I wasn't alone. Since then, I've been amazed to find out about the many, many resources available to folks missing their pets (including this board).

I decided to pitch a story to my editor about how pet bereavement is a topic that is being taken seriously by vets, therapists, pet societies and people like you, who reach out to others in their time of need.

And while this, no doubt, will be a hard story for me to write, I feel it can help educate people who perhaps aren't as Internet-savvy and don't know where to turn.

So, here's where you come in...

I'm looking for folks who would be willing to talk with me on the record about their experience with grief and what resources they used to help cope with it, from posting on a message board like this one, to seeing a therapist who specializes in pet grief, to support group meetings, etc.

Please feel free to post to this message with contact info, or e-mail me directly at meechmelon (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will fill you in privately about the newspaper chain for which I work and the kind of reporting I do.

Thanks for thinking about it.

-- Michele

P.S. I actually did adopt another cat. Two, actually. Kitten brothers who are adorable and sooooooooooo energetic. So, you'll normally find me on thecatsite's behavior message board, trying to figure out how to calm them down! :-) And, every day, I fight the urge to compare them to my Timon, who is still very much alive in my heart...
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I am sorry for your loss of Timon - it is heartbreaking to make that decision you know is right. It has been a while since I lost any of my beloved kits so I am unable to help- although I know that my Tulip who is now 18 wont be here forever. It is very brave of you to take on others loss in your writing.
I am glad you still know the love of cats through your two kittens. I look forward to hearing about them.
Take care
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My sinceres condolences to your loss of Timon
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thanks for the warm thoughts, tulip2454 and CoolCat!
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the pain of loss is in direct proportion to the joy our pets bring us...............
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I would participate.
I have lost some very special kitties also and had a hard time like everyone else who has to put down, or loses a kitty they love.
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One of my websites www.endingpain.info explores this subject and is very much still under construction. You are welcome to contact me if you wish. Sadly, I have dealt with loss a lot because of my chosen path, working with ferals and abused cats privately.
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