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How do you know the Drontal is working?

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Because, well.. I don't know? I'm hoping it is, but as of yet, I've seen no white flag of surrender stating that we've won the war against the tapeworm-
How can you tell? Do you find a whithering tapeworm in the litterbox, or something..? How long does it take to work?... I don't like not knowing how it's going to help him IE.. Whether there's any way to see that it's working other than little ricey things no longer appearing on his butt-hole..
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Don't think so... when Baylee had tapeworms I didn't notice anything spectacular. Maybe you'll notice a lot more in his stool? Either that or eventually nothing. Sorry!
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I figured.. but I was hoping someone had something to tell me.
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Since it dissolves the host worm, you won't know. But I have never known the droncit not to work. Keep your cat's flea-treated safely and you shouldn't have a reoccurance of the problem (unless they catch a mouse and eat it) because mice have fleas and fleas cause tapes, so do birds and other small rodents. Wash and scrub your litter pans well-
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Thanks Hissy. tHat's all I wanted to know. They are currently flea free, and have been as long as I've had them (He had had fleas before we adopted him, and the fleas were removed, but not the worms, it would seem. ) Though I am thinking that I should start to treat them before we move (at current our apartment is flea treated monthly from the outside, so they're rare.) I'm just used to medicines that have a "sign" that it's working, lol. so I can monitor it ..

PS. is there a more economical way to flea treat three cats.. Evolution is so expensive at the vet.
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I think Advantage and Frontline are less expensive, but not much. There is a spray form of Frontline that is supposed to be cheaper, but you have the have cats that will let you spray them. I would treat just before moving and maybe flea bomb the empty house before you move, that would work well because there would be no furniture to block the fumes and you would be able to air it all out before moving in. Then you should be OK. Becky
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Your vet didn't ask for a repeat fecal test in three weeks?? That's how you know that it worked.
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For the most part, a fecal exam does not reveal tapeworm eggs. Only occasionally does a tapeworm segment rupture while in the cat, releasing the eggs, which would then be seen on a fecal flotation. The usually way to diagnose tapeworms is witnessing the segments clinging to the kitty's butt or on the feces. Becky
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