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how did I ever get along without him?!?

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I met my boyfriend online about 2 1/2 months ago, and I've never looked back. He's got to be the nicest guy on the face of the earth (he maintains that his friend holds that title, but I think he's just being modest! ) He knows that he's my first boyfriend, and that I'm experiencing many things for the first time, so he keeps telling me that he'll never rush me into anything, that he's willing to wait until I'm comfortable. Things will happen naturally. and a few weeks, he said to me those 3 little words that make me think this guy is for keeps: "I love you". We're already planning on moving in together, I'll be meeting his family this week, he came down to Montreal over the Christmas break and met my mother, brother, father, aunt and step-mother. And he came down to Montreal this last week to support me while I attended my grandmother's funeral. These last few days would have been a LOT harder if he hadn't been there... I tell you, I can almost smell the wedding!
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I'm so happy for you, and for him!
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Sounds good, but don't rush into anything - savour the journey as much as the arrival!
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I am very happy for both of you!!
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Sounds wonderful beb, but don't grasp the idea of a wedding too soon don't rush it sweetie and things will stay wonderful!
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Well from experience, Jerry and I met online, and after corresponding for 3 months,we met. I would have married him the next day, but we used our heads and dated for a year, then were engaged for 8 months..........if love is real, then it will last forever.........enjoy!!
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Take it slow... tell him NO hanky panky till after your married and you want to be engaged at least 2-3 years. If hes still around after 6 months and stays faithful and doesnt beat you or yell, chances are you got a good one. Keep in mind, much like cats, their real personality will show up later after you get them "home" and "settled in". Good luck!
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Woah girl,,, good for you,, but sweetie that is fast! He may very well be the one, and if he is then he will wait. I would slow the move-in plans down a little,,But other than that, I am very excited for you. Falling in love is an amazing experience, you should enjoy every moment of it,,,CONGRATS!
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Don't confuse sex with commitment. Other than that, congratulations! I like his attitude on the nicest guy in the world. Tell him you want to meet his friend.
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SLOW DOWN!!! Admittedly, first love is wonderful! Heck, love is wonderful! But you admit, this is your first boyfriend and your first experience with many things! You are moving way too fast! You're moving in together after less than 3 months? You're hearing wedding bells? Its really difficult to have a true relationship over the internet. I know it works for some people, but for the majority, it really doesn't. I'm not negating your feelings, I'm just saying learn each other and yourselves better before you jump in to living with him, especially since you will be moving away from your support system.

ps...don't confuse those 3 words with committment either.
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I second that. I met my boyfriend online and I'm only just moving in with him after 4 years. Trust me beb when I say that your very first love sometimes doesn't work the way you think it will - it's hte same for your second or third... perhaps your 58th love. My first love was wonderful.... until he lifted his hands. And believe me, he pulled every sly trick in the book. You gotta hit the brakes for a bit I think - but it's not what any of us thinks - it's all about you and your boyfriend. We're just here to share experiences and give pointers and congratulate you and all the rest of it For your sake, I really hope it works... but you really must try to keep those feelings tied down and not let your heart run away with your head. Wedding bells really should wait a good few years, if you've any sense Fingers crossed!
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well my bf and i met one and a half yrs ago now. and we have just moved in together into our own little house.
I agree dont rush too quickly. When i met my bf he was 19 and still very immature now he is about to be 21 and i see alot of changes.
We have had our ups and downs several times but now as most stress is out of the way he is alot better. (except for the mouse factor in the other thread )
I wish you all the best with your bf. But dont trust tooooo much!
i have met over 100 people off the internet and some experiences can be scary.
Just be careful and everything will go well
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I met my boyfriend online 2 years ago (2002) and we havent even met in person yet.... But we still love each other all the same. We are going at our own pace and arent rushing anying.
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Ok. It looks like I need to make a few clarifications.

1.) we are NOT rushing into anything. The moving in thing was an idea to work towards. I'm not going anywhere until I graduate from the program I'm in now, and he's not finished working on his house yet.

2.) we are NOT getting married. Not yet, at least. I can see it happening, *eventually*, but not now.

3.) I'm not ready for any more commitment than what we have now. I realize that we both need to get to know each other a lot better before we get any more serious.

4.) sex is a non-issue. Until I can get myself on the pill, he's not getting anywhere near me.

5.) we are both level-headed, responsible people. I'm 26 and living on my own, going to school and caring for my dog. He's 35, caring for his dad, and working towards opening a store in early March or April.

Hopefully, this clarifies a few things.
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I'm happy for you! Take it slow and enjoy.
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After reading your clarifications, I feel better. You've got your head ruling, not your feelings.

I can now say without reservation I hope you'll both be happy together!
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Originally Posted by Sweets
After reading your clarifications, I feel better. You've got your head ruling, not your feelings.

I can now say without reservation I hope you'll both be happy together!
thanks! I realised after I'd posted the original message that things were not very clear... Oops! My bad!
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Heya... yeah those little points do make everything a lot clearer! I'm so glad to see that your head is well and truly screwed to your shoulders about this So, now that you've cleared things up and apologised for the muddly message at the beginning, I'm going to apologise for being overly concerned! But hey, you know what? Not a lot of things come out right when you discover you're in love and I think the fact that so many of us reacted the way we dd only goes to prove how much we care for each of the TCS members

OH and by the way... I do like that little smiley in your siggy! he's cute!
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I'm so very happy for you and relieved to hear how much intelligence and good sense you are showing in the relationship!
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I am glad that you are ruling with your head!

I am so pleased for you both and wish you happiness! It is wonderful to hear such a happy story!
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I look forward to hearing regular progress reports! Good luck.
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