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My kitten managed to get a hold of chocolate chip cookies- however, she just nibbled on a little bit. I don't know if she had chocolate, but what do I do if she did?
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The most fatal form of chocolate is bakers chocolate. They have to eat quite a bit of milk chocolate to be fatal. If anything, you may see some vomit
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what exactly does it do? shut the system down or something along those lines? I know it's an enzyme or a chemical. My fiance's sister is in vet school and she told me, but I forget. And if I called her everytime I wanted to know something, I would have called her . . . let's see about 34 times in the past week! (<-- see # of posts - heh) and that would just be about cats :tounge2:
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I never give chocolate to cats but... I am confused: my grand-mother always gave a piece of chocolate every other day to her cats, and they never got sick...

So I have a hard time believing that chocolate is fatal to cats... I belive it might not be very good, but fatal! No.

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:confused2she was talking about dogs now that I think of it . . . but maybe it works the same
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The offending chemical in chocolate is Theobromine. It is a cousin to caffine. The chocolates from worst to least is baking squares, semi sweet, dark, milk. White chocolate does not contain theobrimine. As I said, they would have to eat a whole bag or more to be fatal. Cats have the same reaction to the chemical as dogs. If a cat ripped open a whole box of bakers chocolate and ate the WHOLE thing, yes it's possible your cat would die. If any animal eats a little here and there, the most is an upset stomach.
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ohhh, okay, thanks
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Can I marry your fiance's sister?

Or at least she can come live with me and hubby!

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Thanks for your help everyone! My little girl is acting the same as ever (she's a monster!) so she must be ok. I appreciate it.
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vjoy - sure thing! - I'll let her know she should have her bags packed in two days (gives you a little time to clear out some space) haha
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my kitty oli when i was a little kid and he was just a lil kitten got into out goodie box all the time and used to pull out chocolate tasty cakes and little debbie items. Chew totally thru the box, take out a bag, rip open the plastic and eat a whole cupcake. He lived a good life of eating lots of junk food and lunchmeat, along with kitty food of course. That was the funniest sight of him covered with vanilla cream sitting in a mess of smooshed chocolate cupcake. He had a sweet tooth i suppose and was as skinny as kittys come, my 20 lb cat sammy only ate her diet kitty food and ocasionnally licked cheese puffs or a finger covered with a bit of cheese squeeze. The cupcake didnt hurt buddy but we got a special unchewthroughable goodie bin after that
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