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The Incredible Hobbes

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Tax season has started so it's beginning to get busy for me. But anyway, thought you folks will get a kick out of this.

My sister-in-law went back to Taiwan for a couple of weeks and look what she came back with? Well it doesn't belong to Hobbes, it's supposed to be Izzy the maltese's outfit, but Hobbes wanted to see how it feels like to be an Incredible

FYI, for those who haven't watched the The Incredibles movie, it is just absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Definitely my favorite pixar movie by far. Watch it while it's still in theatres.
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Ooooh Hobbes as a movie star!

Thanks for your feedback - I definitly thought it sounded super cheesy, but now you said it was good I might go see it!

Thanks for the Hobbes fix, btw!
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OH I love Hobbes!! What NEAT pictures!!!
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Awesome pics of Hobbes... Can I have his autograph please?

Hobbes #1 Fan
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Red is Hobbes color for sure he looks Incredible
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Aww Hobbes you look so cute.
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Hobbes is a cutie pootie sporting that new outfit
Tax season has started so it's beginning to get busy for me.
Lord don't I know what you mean I am praying already that April 15th will hurry up and get here and tax season has just begun.
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Perfect fit (so far) Looks like the Hobbester needs to move up a size
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That is a great outfit!!

Hobbes looks just brilliant as an Incredible!!
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so cute! Hobbes is a natural - i bet you could get him catalog work!
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Hobbes IS incredible -- especially since he'll wear that outfit and pose so handsomely in it! I think he is decisivley the TCS top cat model!
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Cute pic......I would never get my kits to be so cooperative with clothes!!
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Aww, Hobbes, you cutie!
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That's great! I love your little graphics that you added by the way - how fun! Hobbes is definitely incredible! And I'll agree, that movie was so great!
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Oh geez...if my Boys even let me think abotu doing that to them! Hobbes is sucha trooper - and soooo handsome!
I need to see that movie!! Maybe while I am in the States! It looks so cute!
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Adorable! I can't even get the kitlits to leave their collars on, they would never leave an outfit on!
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Ohhhh, that is SO cute!
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Oh my goodness.. Hobbes is ready to save the day!! its Supper KITTY!! He's so adorable.. hehehehhe what a cute superkitty. *hugs and a thousand kissies *
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