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Cat with hind leg problems

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My 9 yr. old is having a problem with her right hind leg. It seems to give out on occasion when she is running it slides to one side. At first I thought it was because she was running on my kitchen floor that might have been slippery but I noticed it happened on the carpeting too. She is not overweight, eats and drinks normally. She doesn't seem to be in any pain. I can touch her back legs with out any discomfort. She is still very playful. Only problem being the leg seeming to give out. Does anyone have any ideas or have they themselves experienced this problem? I would appreciate any help you can give me.
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Your vet would be the biggest help of all. I would take her in soon.
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I agree Your vet will be able to put his hands on your kitty and feel for swelling, tenderness and he can also take x-rays if he feels it could be the onset of arthritis. Keep us posted on what he finds.
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Is this a new problem? Does your kitty go outside? One of my family's cats, Alex, had a leg that used to slide out from under him while he was sitting. He didn't even notice it, and it never really bothered him. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty, so he was probably injured at some point and it never healed properly. He wasn't the brightest of beasts, as he once sat behind the wheel of my mom's car as she was backing up. I would definitely have a vet look at it, especially since she's been falling.
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