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After lurking for quite a while I decided it was time to join TCS. I found this site while searching for info on feline herpes. Yes I have 12 and if you count the outside cat Malik that the family claims we have 13. Malik will not tolerate being inside! Now my twelve: Calico (13 y/o, f, calico) and Lucki (9 y/o, f, torti) both free to good home cats. Number three was Malik found in a trash can when he was a baby, lived inside for a year then decided he wanted out (7 y/o, m, grey tiger). Gris came to live with because of him, he brought her to the house and left her. I caught her, had her fixed and she decided she wanted to stay (5 y/o, f, grey). Emma (2 1/2 y/o, f, seal point siamese) my cat with feline herpes. Ocyrus and Buzz (2 y/o, m, orange and yellow tabby) they came to us from a teacher at school, Ocyrus first then his brother Buzz four months later when the teacher decided she didn't want him. We couldn't let Ocyrus's brother end up at the dog pound. Libby (2 y/o, f, long hair grey and white). Cassy and Claire sisters (1 1/2 y/o, f, lilac point siamese). Mr Peanut and Houdini brothers (9 months, m, both black, one long hair other short) and last but not least Cue (10 months, m, flame point siamese). Cue was found at the local dog pound and I could not leave him when we had been looking for him for years! Emma, Libby, Cassy, Claire, Mr Peanut and Houdini all have the same mother. After begging and pleading from the time Emma was born I finally made a deal I would take two more kittens (Mr Peanut and Houdini) on one condition, I got their mommy for one day or I would come steal in the middle of the night to get her fixed. They let me take her for the day and she is much happier cat. All the cats are inside cats except for Malik and all are fixed. The kids say when they are asked how many cats they have a dozen doesn't raise eyebrows but saying they have twelve does!

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Hi Regina,

I'm glad you have quit lurking and decided to post! Look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to TCS, btw!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS! Sounds like you have a house full!! I hope that you post pictures of all your furbabies soon!
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Regina welcome to you and your "gang" Please post photos of these beauties so we can all oooooh and aaaaaaaah!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hi Regina - Welcome! Wow, that's one big fur-family you have! I hope we'll be able to see pics soon! It's great you made a deal to get the mom fixed- way to go! Glad you found our little home too enticing to be able to keep "lurking"
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Wow we have the same number of cats! More headaches but more loving from the furbutts! Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you for the nice welcome. As soon as I learn how to post pictures I
do so. Having 12 there is always someone who is in the mood to love you.

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Hi and welcome! Can't wait to see the pictures! I'll be you're right... when you have 12 cats there's got to be SOMEONE in the mood for snuggles! On the other, there might be one in the mood to be a little punk!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
Can´t wait for the pic´s !!!!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Regina, to you and your family!So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello and welcome!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful furfamily there!!

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a bit belated but....


so glad you joined stopped lurking and joined us sounds like a wonderful fur-family you have there
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Hi and Welcome
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