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couldn't even herd the goats! What's up with that? I guess he needed those 7 border collies! I got a kick out of the natives laughing at how foolish the American's look trying to get 20 goats in a pen!
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perhaps the goats didn't speak english?
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Is if they are really going to merge the tribes now? What kind of a teaser was that at the end? It will be interesting to see what happens next week though- now even Mike is hooked and he swore he wouldn't like this one. lol
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last night was amazing!

I don't know what's up with the merge. the survivor board i visit hasn't said anything about it, and I read about the sambora/boran split there a week before it happened. those people are hardcore and usually are dead on with what's going to happen days before it does.
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Well all I know is that what was said in the end of the show, by Jeff Probst...."You all are assuming that in three days the tribes will merge, but you all may be assuming wrong...." has me scratching my head and wondering....
But I am sure happy to see Lindsey sweating it out!

I hope they don't merge for awhile, so that Lindsey can sweat some more, although, she will sweat even harder if they merge, and she finds out poor Silas is gone.... :LOL:
But I guess she will find that out at the next challenge, when he is nowhere in sight....:laughing:

I am getting such a kick out of this Survivor! I love the new twists!!! Keeps 'em guessin'
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TGIT Thank Goodness It's Thursday !!! Survivor, Africa CSI and ER !!!! Addicted to the tube? Not really on any other nite but Thursday. . . . All the other nites SUCK !! I hope Lindsey gets her "Message from the Tribe" tonite and she is outta there > > > > >
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I'm so excited!!!!
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I really want Lindsey gone! I can't wait until tonight's episode!
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this is my favorite hour of the entire week!!!!!
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Lindsey... heh..

you get what you pay for...

you reap what you sow...

what goes around comes around...

Karma.. Ain't it great...

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Ha Ha Ken!!! You are SOOOOOOOOO right!!!!

Poor Linsdey NOT

She only voted for Tom, instead of Brandon, because she really thought she was safe, and that they were all going to vote against Brandon and it would be a tie between him and Tom anyway.

Nice show of tears Lindsey dear, but sorry...I didn't buy it, and obviously neither did any of the others who weren't originally on your team. :laughing: :laughing:

That'll teach ya to keep your dang shirt on during the next audition.... (or, I guess not, knowing her)

One thing I decided tonight for sure, that I was on the fence on, was that I DO like Clarence!!! I wasn't sure what I thought of him, but tonight, just seeing how sad he was when they lost the food challenge, I felt so bad for him, and the whole 'egg' thing was hilarious! I DO like him....I think he is sincere, and actually a pretty nice guy!
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AP....this is my favorite hour of TV all week, too!!!
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Oh No!!! I missed it, and I forgot to tape it! I'm so upset! Was it good? What did I miss?
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I've been avoiding this thread for hours now so it wouldn't spoil the show for me!! I just watched Lindsey get voted off.... SWEET!!!! I really couldn't handle her any longer!!! I can now watch Survivor in peace!
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Last week the goat herder couldn't herd goats and this week the hunter couldn't shoot a bow? No wonder they lost the challenge, he didn't even show them how to shoot right! But I am so glad Lindsey is gone, maybe next week Brandon can hit the trail too!
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Yay, Lindsay is gone! I really wish Brandon would be the next one! I am sorry, but I really cannot stand him....... Not to start something, but why do they have to have gay people on the reality shows? That group hug thing---- I don't know!
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This is turning out to be the best Survivor ever! Just about everyone I wanted off has gotten voted out: liar Diane, Linda the loon, conceited Silas, and whiney Lindsay. So far I've been able to guess who gets voted out, except for when Carl went.

And what is up with Clarence and the chickens anyway? I can see them eating one or two and keeping the others around for eggs, but dayum, like Clarence would know what to do with a chicken as far as killing it and preparing it.

And does anyone else think that a crew member planted that egg there for interest? it was rather large compared to the fresh eggs I've seen, and pretty clean to boot...

I can't wait for the merger as Tom, Kelly, and Lex are still very much a part of, uhm what was their original team again? And Frank and Theresa have fit nicely in with the new team. I know bratty Brandon and Kim just don't stand a chance. My favorites to win are Ethan, Lex, and Frank, in that order. I'd be glad to see any of those three reign as the Ultimate Survivor.
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Originally posted by illusion

I can't wait for the merger as Tom, Kelly, and Lex are still very much a part of, uhm what was their original team again? And Frank and Theresa have fit nicely in with the new team. I know bratty Brandon and Kim just don't stand a chance. My favorites to win are Ethan, Lex, and Frank, in that order. I'd be glad to see any of those three reign as the Ultimate Survivor.
I think that if Lex, Ethan, & Frank (my order of favs) made it to the final 3 it would be great! The next 3 out are Brandon, Clarence & Kim. I can't wait until next wk! Will they merge? Won't they merge?
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If Boran wins immunity next week, I think Brandon will be booted. If Samburu wins immunity, Kim (the older one) will be booted. That is of course, if there is no merge.
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I think Clarance is the next to go on Boran. He never integrated himself as part of the group. They have held on to him this long because of his strength, but nobody feels any connection/loyalty towards him. Kim has Theresa on her side, which also means Frank, and I think if given a choice Ethan would rather see Clarance go than Kim.

This is of course unless she totally f's up the immunity challenge. Anyone who performs SO poorly will be marked and could possibly go. But all things equal, I think it will be bye-bye to Clarance.
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At Clarence salivating over those chickens. They could of ate the rooster once the chickens start laying eggs. They wouldn't need the rooster for awhile after that, and surely they would of merged by then. Did anyone notice if they ate the rooster or the hens? Clarence is so dishonest when it comes to food, I hope it turns around to bite him.
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YIPPEE SKIPPEE !!!! That "Whiney, wound licker" Lindsey is otta there !!! The next to go has to be that "Sparrow-armed Mary", Brandon ! I do believe he actually closed his eyes when he shot the fire arrows. . . . . . What a Wuss! Maybe his aim would ave been better if he hadn't been on tippy toe!
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I saw Lindsey on GMA this morning. She said that it was hard watching herself. Bryant Gumbel made the comment that he was rooting for the tick last week! :laughing: Lindsey said from watching herself on the show she was rooting for the tick as well! They asked her what she had learned from this, and she said to think before she spoke.

I don't like her, but I was glad that she could admit that she was pretty unlikable, and really didn't try and defend her actions.
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AP, Thanks for telling us what she said on GMA! I was wondering!

Hissy.... I also found it interesting that the guy who tried to teach them all how to shoot the bow & arrow, never made one single hit himself! :laughing: Thank God for Ethan!!!

My picks to win are Ethan, Lex and Kim, in that order. (Kim from Boran that is, not the other one)

As far as the gay people on reality shows, I have no problem with that, but does he have to act like such a prissy little wuss?????
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Yeah..the little scream he let out when the flaming arrow dropped by his feet really didn't add to his manliness. I hope wuss-boy is next to go. My friend calls guys like him b**ch-boys. :LOL:
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Oh, I hope "wuss boy" is next, too. Hahaha..... hubby & I laughed at his first attempt at the arrow game! :LOL: I just don't like him, and the group hug comment......
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Oh, and I couldn't get over how different Lindsey looked! It's always fun to see what they look like after they leave Africa! This is the 1st one I've seen on GMA.... I need to record it.
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What did she look like?
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She didn't look the way she looked on the show. She has a lot more muscle now. She has long hair, too..... she had it in a funky pony tail. She said prior to going on the show, she ate McDonald's & Pizza every day, and the 1st week she was in Africa, she lost 10 pounds of fat! If you ask me, imo, she is a pretty girl. Personality wise, she seems to be a nicer person now.
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Dang, I wished I had taped it, so I could see her! Thanks for telling me about it though!
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