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Oh! If they trade members I hope Ethan doesn't get stuck with Silas or Lindsey! I really like him (can you tell?? :tounge2: )That would make sense though, to keep things interesting. Otherwise, like airprincess said, Frank and Theresa don't stand a chance.ooo hurry up Thursday! I can't wait! I'd like to see Silas in a group with Tom, he'd get an attitude adjustment real quick. I can't see Tom putting up with his 'Strength and Honor" fake crap.
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i've been watching this since it started, and i have to say, i am with the Boran tribe,
as opposed to the Sambura tribe, those guys are creepy.

they are prejudicial, ageist freaks - they cant get their act together and they seem to have no understanding of 'unity' -
perhaps too big a word for them.

i like the Boran tribe, especially Ethan, i'm with you, Melissa
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They are in Africa for pete's sake and all they complain about is no food. They could be digging for grubs and laying snare traps for rodents but instead they sleep till noon??? Makes no sense to me
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They aren't allowed to even trap rodents as they are on a game preserve. They only food they are allowed is what they orriginall got or what the win in challenges. Appartently Date palm fruit too.
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Looked like that water buffalo last night wanted to make lunch meat out of them!
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I think Brandon would make a tasty snack!
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Or 'Filet of Silas with a light Lindsey sauce'
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I have been watching and I still can't get over the blood thing YUCK ! I did however go to a survivor site and found out there were alot of injuries but didnt show them like on the other show . I believe it said two ppl contracted millaria ? I have to check on that again cause I dont remember if they just got sick and said it was pprevelant or if someone contracted it ! HMM . Well I watch here !
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I so agree with you AP!
I would like to kick Brandon in the teeth

And I also agree with you on this...
the hugging thing was linda calling lindsey out on being such a fake piece of sh*t.

You are SOOOOOOOOOO right!!!!!!!

That little snipe Lyndsey will get what is coming to her, sooner or later....

This show has gotten me so P.O.'d lately!

And Melissa....

Your comment about fillet of Silas with Lyndsey sauce was great! :LOL:
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Ok - here's the skinny from the Canadian newspaper "the Toronto Sun"

Survivor is just trying to survive

Show in ratings trouble

WARNING: The following Survivor column may contain spoilers. In fact, prolonged exposure to Survivor itself may cause dizzy spells, nausea, double vision, hives, loss of memory, internal bleeding, dry, itchy scalp and vomiting.

If you tuned in to Survivor: Africa last week, here's what you were promised about this week's fifth instalment:
"A Survivor first! Every friendship and every alliance will be shattered. The Survivors thought they knew the game, but the game is about to change ... forever! Don't miss the first 15 minutes of the all-new Survivor: Africa! (tonight at 8 p.m. on Global and CBS).
Here's the other Survivor first: For the first time since this reality show launched, last week's episode fell out of the U.S. Top 10 in the ratings. It landed in a tie for 17th spot, behind all those World Series games and the Emmy awards.
Is executive producer Mark Burnett and CBS about to change the rules in mid-show just to hype the ratings? Well, no, impossible. Burnett shot this last July and August, so he couldn't have known that the intense level of curiosity about a lot of these reality shows would have dropped significantly in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.
And nobody could have predicted that, for some inexplicable reason, there would be a resurgence in interest in NBC's Friends. That's sure to grow in a couple of weeks with the not-so-surprise appearance of Jennifer Aniston's movie star hubby, Brad Pitt.
However, TV is all about diminishing returns. Attacks aside, CBS probably guessed that a new twist was needed, right around sweeps, to keep this franchise at least competitive.
So what is that twist? The New York Post reports that the show will break apart the two existing tribes -- Samburu and Boran -- and, for the first time, create a third team to spice up the competition. With 12 players remaining, that would leave three four-member teams.
That would throw those sleepy-headed slackers from the Ritchie Samburu tribe a cruel curve. Silas, the twentysomethings' evil ring leader, was already counting that million bucks after tossing two moms and dads from his tribe so far. Busting up his cozy little alliance would be a godsend to hard worker Frank, Silas' tribal elder who cursed out his departed teammate Carl for "leaving me with a bunch of misfits."
Not busting up the tribes means viewers can pretty much predict exactly who gets canned each week through the middle rounds, despite Burnett's best efforts to create drama in the editing. Take out the element of surprise and this series is toast.
There could be other scenarios for tonight's big tease. According to the experts at Survivor-Central.com, the original Swiss model for this show, Operation Robinson, plucked one member from each opposing team and traded them. So who would you trade? Silas for Lex and a jug of water? Tom for Brandon and a bag of Doritos? There's also the possibility that the tribes could be scrambled completely, thus disrupting all alliances and friendships as promised in the preview.
Whatever the outcome, somebody will get tossed tonight. My guess: Either Silas or that drippy crybaby Lindsey. Why else would Burnett go
to this much trouble?

This gives some interesting food for thought before the show tonight!
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oooo! Its Thursday again! Survivor is on in 2 1/2 hours!!!! I can't wait to see what happens! Here's a pic of who I think should win :tounge2:
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My cable has been out all day!!! What a terrible thing to have happen on a Thursday!! Unlike those of you with "real" computers; when my TV is out so is my internet with Web-TV!! I have had no outlet all day!!! I actually had to do Housework! I called the cable company every hour for updates . . . . . . .I told them it had better be BACK ON IN TIME FOR SURVIVOR!! How sick/sad is that? A 53 yr. old woman whining to a cable company about a reality show. . . . . . . (Chill Out, TLK; it is back on now)
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whew! that was a close one! thank goodness you're back up and running!
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How funny when Silas said (about thier the older group) 'they just showed thier maturity'

I almost fell off the bed laughing!! pot, meet the kettle!
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they just split up the tribes!!!!!!

this show rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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bye bye Silas!!!!!!!!!!

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where is everyone!?!?! I'm bursting to talk about Survivor! It was sooooooooooooo good!
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was AWESOME!!!! :laughing:
I really wasn't sure at first who would go, Clarence (I think that is is name) or Silas....and poor Lyndsey..... NOT!!!!!!!
She is the next one to go if Sambora loses the tribal council contest.

But they have me wondering now, what is going on, because of the last statement, something along the lines of..." You all assume that in 3 days, the tribes will merge, but you may be assuming wrong" or something like that.

I don't trust Clarence. (or whatever his name is)
I hope the 3 good people from the original Boran kick some @ss over there in Samburo (sp?) I didn't care for Kim in the first episode, but now, I have gained a whole new respect for her.....especially when she is sticking up and sideing with her original tribe members from Boran.

I hope Lyndsey is the next out.....just looking at her makes me want to puke. Because she is so 2 faced, and self rightious!!!

Darlene, I am glad you got your cable working before the show!!!!!!!!!
When I watch it, I think, "Oh my God, I wonder what Colby and Darlene are thinking about this!!!"
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Yay! I am so glad Silas got the boot! That was absolutely hilarious of what Clarence said! I like Clarence.
Talk about a way to begin the show with their first "challenge!" I never would've expected them to take 3 from each side & swap! Now, I don't know who to route for. I don't like the original people from Samburu.....It really should be interesting when they merge as 1!
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Why is Lindsey all scratched up? Did she get into a cat fight with something other than a lion? I heard that two members will get malaria. I would think that they had to have shots before going to another country? And no, I am not talking about rabies shots! *EG*
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I was dancing around the room on commercial breaks. My boyfriend kept laughing at me and shaking his head but he knows I'm an idiot so nothing surprises him.

I can't believe how much I this show! Just when you get worried that it's gonna get predictable, BAM! they shake it up. My favorite hour on tv, hands down.
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I read somewhere that she got banged up during the immunity challenge last week where they had to move the house.

did I tell you it was great?!?!!?!?
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She got the scratch when they had to put their hut together in the immunity challenge last week. Damn, I can't stand her, either! Oh, and Brandon, too....... He drives me nuts.
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I really loved the comment by that older guy, from the original Boran tribe, I think his name is Tom, (Man I am bad with names, please forgive me) when he said..."Well, we are stuck here now with a queer and two girls who have pretty much tied themselves together".....or something like that, that isn't of course an exact quote, but best I can remember! Anyway, I think Lindsey (or is it Lyndsey) is shaking in her perverbial little boots. Good. She needs to shake, something besides her perverbial little b**bs that is....sorry, just venting anger over that...that....PERSON....
I didn't like her from the minute I found out she rode her bicycle topless for the audition tape, how cheap ( and I can think of a better word) is that????
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It was a very sexual comment made, and yes it was funny. I just liked how they really shook the camp when they came back and made them do a bunch of stuff instead of just letting them lay there all day and complain.
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You are so right Hissy! I loved the way they saw how badly the Samburo tribe was taking care of business! The ashes piled up, among other things.
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My favorite part (other than when Silas got the boot of course ) was when he (Silas) was trying to go to work on Ethan trying to win him over. Ethan just gave him this 'what the hell are you trying to pull' look. It was great! I loved seeing Silas all flustered. he made a huge mistake trying to get the tribe to go against Frank! Isn't it great that theresa and Frank have a chance to win!!! Oh, and it was awesome seeing Lyndsey so scared. What a little whiner! It just shows that her confidence came not from the fact that shes good at the game but in the fact that she was part of the majority. I hope she's next to go. Once her and Brandon are gone, there won't be anyone I really dislike.
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Hopefully we won't have to listen to Lindsey whiney little voice much longer. Man did that vote wipe the smirk off Silas' face or what. Frank & Teresa look pleased with themselves. I feel bad for the Boran members who had to go team up with the unholy trio. The difference in the camp states is unbelievable. Frank is thrilled to be in a "real" camp. I can't wait until next wk!
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last night was great, because it was win-win situation. Sambura lost Lindsey, Boran lost Silas!

it was the best episode yet!
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