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:LOL: And I thought that was a man's fantasy hehehe
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I think it's the other way around, 2 girls, one guy
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Not in this case :LOL:
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Cleo and Melissa, I totally agree, Ethan should win this, he is not only very sexy looking,(okay, downright yummy) but also nice, polite, and down to earth. Very likeable. And he seems very honest.

Cleo, I agree with you, Clarence could have maybe won that contest and held his arm up the longest, but he opted to go for the rock/paper/scissors thing...and when he lost it, I held my breathe, to see if he would honor it, but he did...he pulled that bucket right down on himself.
I too was starting to warm up to him, and when he got voted off, I felt so bad, I almost cried. Seriously. He really never did anything to hurt anyone, other than the poor guy was hungry!!! I probably would have been the same way if I were in his shoes. And he was funny, and had a good sense of humer, and VERY handsome. I am going to miss him. I like what he said to Theresa at the tribal council, that was really cool of him!!!!!!!!!
Cheers to Clarence!!!!
And also, the whole thing with Frank and the elephant just cracked me up....
I wonder if that elephant was thinking, "did you fart, or what?"
:laughing: :LOL:

And I too have changed my opinion about Lex, guess it just takes time to get to know people and see another side, cause at first I thought he was wonderful, but now....nope. Just like real life, some people seem to be pretty wonderful at first, till we see the other side of them.

My order has changed of who I would like to win....
Of course Ethan is still first, but right after him is Theresa, and then Kim (the older Kim)
Ethan, Theresa & Kim....My pick for winners of SV 3. In that order.
I like Tom too, but he is a little bit cheesy sometimes...
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I don't really have a preference for the winner. If you ask me, the people on this season's show aren't very likeable, as compared to the last show. I do know that I don't want Lex to win!
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I just read over the last few pages of this thread and noticed I made a boo-boo!

When talking about Ethan, I typed "lay" instead of "play"...typo or ?

Either way, it was supposed to read "seems to PLAY fair" !

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it's going to be interesting to see who's next to go. I wonder if they will start picking off sambura. like brandon, then kim p then start canibalizing themselves
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hehehe Cleo! We know where your mind was at!!!

OKAY, OKAY....so was mine!!!! :laughing: (seems to lay fair... :LOL: )

hubba hubba! I'll BET he does!!!!!!! Oops, this is a family site...
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why isn't it a new episode? I don't want to see never before soon footage! I want to see someone get kicked to the curb!
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What is wrong with Frank? The deer antler thing is so strange!
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I'm watching right now too...Frank..what can i say? He's on my list of Freaks :LOL:
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when they showed footage from the SOS Immunity challenge and tom nonchalantly walked by with feather in his a$$ crack I literally spit the water I was drinking on my monitor.
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HAHAHAHA! That WAS funny, AP !!

I think Frank has more than a few screws loose! :LOL:

I was really disappointed that it wasn't a new show.

And the antler thing was beyond strange! :laughing:
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Moving this to the top since it's on tonight!
I'm hoping Lex gets the boot!
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I wouldn't mind seeing Frank go either...or Brandon. Once those three are gone, it will be interesting, because I like the rest of them. I remember last season, I actually cried when Rodger got voted off..he was such a sweetie. I was upset to see Elisabeth go as well. If Ethan goes, I'm going to stop watching :LOL:
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Later Lex!

I liked him at first, but he's shown what a p***k he really is!

I'm cheering for Ethan...and not just cuz he's so cute (although that doesn't hurt) but cuz he seems to be real and so far has played fair.
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I'd like to see Brandon go, too! I will admit, as much as I like Survivor, I really don't like this one as much as I did last season's one. The Outback one had likeable people on there -- this one really doesn't, or atleast that is my opinion. I like to watch it, though.......
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I hope either Lex, Brandon or Frank goes, and if it is neither of them, then Kim (the younger Kim) would be next in my opinion.

I too cried when Rodger got voted off last season....he was such a wonderful person, and I wish he had won it all. And I really liked Elizabeth too, she was so sweet. I heard Rodger went to her wedding. That is so cool. I think they will be friends for life.
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OOOOh! 5 more minutes I hope Theresa makes it really far (not as far as Ethan though ) I'm gonna take a guess and say that Frank will go tonight. Lets see if I'm right
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I have to go log off and go tune it in right now....I hope Ethan wins it all, and if not him, Theresa, she really impressed me when she held her arms up so long in that challange. She deserves it!!
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Lex is an idiot!!
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Da*n your boy is on a roll with the luxery challenge!
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that was a nail biter!!!!!

Well Brandon quickly became a turncoat. not surprisingly. I love the teaser about Brandon being in the doghouse.
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Lex needs to gooooooooo! And if big Tom finds out it wasn't Kelly......
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Lex really needs to go ........ & so does Brandon. Lex really made himself look like an @$$! Ooooooohhhhh, I can't stand him! I feel bad for Kelly, too
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What a fun episode!

I loved the Luxury challenge, and was thrilled when Ethan won! (he's my fave, can ya tell? :LOL: ) I was impressed that he took Lex to town with him, knowing he doesn't trust or like him much...shows a lot of character IMO. And the bit with the kids and the HackySack...too cool!

Then he won the Immunity challenge...the look on Lex's face...priceless!

Lex got 4 votes...bet he's now! Arrogant bas**d...but I hate to say I don't want to see him go yet...he makes it interesting by making me wonder what he'll do next!

I like Teresa too, and ex-teacher Kim, Brandon just makes me giggle, and Tom is kinda refreshing in his "simpleness", the younger Kim is kinda annoying and will be lost without Kelly :confused3: .

What was the problem with Kelly? I miss a lot of episodes because I'm at work when its on, and can only catch bits and pieces, but I don't really see why she was voted off?

What did I miss?

I really want Ethan to win, and I think most everyone on the planet does too (except Lex of course!) He's just such an all around great guy, bet he likes cats too! :laughing:

(he's my fave, can ya tell? :LOL: )
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Kelly was voted off because Lex had a 'gut feeling' that it was her that voted against him in the previous tribal councel. It pissed me off that the others (well, some of them at least) went against their own feelings and sided with him to vote her off. Whats the little wuss boy (Lex) going to do now? Others have voted aaginst him now...is he going to 'smoke them out and chop off their heads' now? Man I'm starting to detest him. I'm so glad Ethan won the Luxury Challenge, he deserved it He really showed what a nice guy he was by playing with those kids. What'll happen next week??? I'm thinking Lex is outta there
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Thanks Melissa for clearing that up!
I thought that was it, but I couldnt believe that the others would side in with that P.O.S. and vote against her for that flimsy of a reason!

So, if its not Lex being voted off next...who's your next choice?
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Not sure...maybe Theresa if Lex finds out it was her that voted against him in the first place. Maybe he'll be able to convince them that shes a 'cancer' to the tribe like he thought kelly was. I think Theresa is going to 'fess up' soon, she looked like she was in real turmoil about it.
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this is what I think of Lex
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