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About Thursday's program, and they hinted that the merge was coming early instead of later. Hmmm guess I will have to wait and see what happens
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I wonder if they just said that to keep them guessing because of mixing up the tribes like they did. I can't wait to find out!!

come on thursday!
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that two people in the Boran tribe got malaria! You would think that the show would of vaccinated them against disease before signing them up?
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who's going home tonight folks??!?!?!?!?!

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Unless I am mistaken- Survivor is not on tonight- at least not in this part of the world...
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I've been doing that all day! I keep thinking it's thursday and I'm not sure why
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You want turkey- you gonna put it in a tuxedo this year?
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I was thinking more of a ball gown.....
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Colby, you scared the crap out of me... :LOL: When you said "okay, folks, whose going home tonight?" I paniced, and thought "Oh crap!!!!!!! I am missing Survivor!!!!!" Then I thought, 'wait a minute...this isn't Thursday!' :laughing:

I will be using the heck out of my poor VCR tomorrow night, Friends is also one of my favorite shows,and since it is on the same time as survivor, I tape it, but tomorrow night Brad Pitt will be guest starring on Friends, (hubba hubba... :laughing: ) so I will be DEFINATELY taping it!! *sigh* lucky Jennifer

*and by the way, if there are any Will & Grace fans out there, ( I know I am) it is an hour long this time!
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thursdays are the best nights, Survivor, Friends, Will & Grace
(fellow Will & Grace fan here) ER

i have to tape all those shows tonight though, as i'm working.

here we get friends right before Survivor, which is good because otherwise i wouldnt
be able to tape them both and that would be a scary sight

my other favourite show, or, rather, my favourite show OF ALL is Law & Order, all of them !
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which reminds me Colby, have you been taping Sex & the City this season for me?!
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where is everyone, isnt this exciting?! be back in a few hours.
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I thought it was pretty flat. Clarence getting voted off didn't surprise me, but it was funny to hear Brandon talking about what a baby Lindsey was and how glad he was she was gone. I also thought Frank had a fruit loop missing messing with that bull elephant. He was lucky he didn't end up between that bull's toes!
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I was pretty unimpressed with tonights show as well. And I was a bit surprised to see Brandon so vocal about Lindsey. I was thinking that she's probably watching and I bet that hurt her feelings.

All in all it wasn't that exciting of an episode.
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I really hope that Lex is the next one to go! He is an @$$ if you ask me! I'm sorry, but it seemed as if everyone voted for Clarence because he told them to. Sure he is strong, but there are other competions besides endurance. Oh, well, it's over with now! :tounge2:
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Yeah, in the beginning I was rooting for Lex (after Ethan of course) but now he seems like quite an a$$.I was sorry to see clarence go, I was warming up to him. Did you see the preview for next week? Lex saying he has to 'flush out whoever voted for him and chop off their head'. Seems like he wants to be a leader of sorts. Won't happen. Now my order of preference for Ultimate Survivor are 1-Ethan (yummy ) 2-Theresa, and 3-Tom I think those three all stand a really good chance.
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I was a Lex-o-holic, but not any more! He is beginning to great on my nerves! Why did he tell Clarence he was voting him off. My order of preference for winners now is 1) Teresa (I think she deserves it for standing with her arm in the air for 6 hrs), 2) Ethan, 3) Kim. Tom kinda irritates me. I am going to miss the next 2 weeks - I'll have to tape it. I am on holiday from November 29 to Dec 6.
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Ooh I think I'd die if I had to miss Survivor!! Oh that is so pathetic I really do need a life. I guess I can live vicariously through the Surviviors Have a great vacation Adymarie
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Did anyone watch GMA? Clarence sure is a cutie, if you ask me! :bubbly:
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Yep, I've changed my mind about my preference for winner also. I mean I still think Ethan should win, but now I WOULD mind if Lex or Frank won. I like Theresa, and not sure about anyone else (but definitely NOT Tom, Melissa )

Tigger, my mom watched him this morning, and she was saying something about him saying he was in Africa for 80 days? She was confused and now I'm confused.
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i'm sure he stayed and hung out while the game was still going on (they actually prefer if you do that, so that people back home don't know you've been kicked off) and maybe he decided to stay an extra month because he was having such a good time?
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Ethan is still my favourite

i thought the episode was very lacking, i dont understand why they all joined with Lex :confused3 even Kelly,
to vote off Clarence, i was also warming up to Clarence, the guy is hilarius, it would have been nice to see him go further.

people i want OFF:

Brandon - smirking a$$hole traitor
Lex - obvious reasons
Tom - your neighbourhood redneck
Frank - weird-O

i like how Teresa plays the game, she could win it, i also think Ethan plays well, they both have morales,
what about the younger Kim? what do ya'll think of her? :goodbad:

i have to get a life and stop watching so much TV
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I feel bad for Clarence, I think the deal he made with Teresa was very nice of him, I think he could have held out and won, but he gave it a shot and played Rock, Paper, Scissors and lost. He didn't have to do that.

I loved it when Teresa sang! I missed the first few episodes, why did she think she needed immunity? Why do the others want her off?

Lex is a major manipulator and needs the boot just to wipe that superior smirk off his face!

Tom bugs me just because of his Good 'Ol Boy attitude, and those overalls and hat just make me giggle!

Brandon is just so prissy, what a Drama Queen! He'd even be prissy if he were a girl! :LOL:

Kelly and Kim (younger) annoy me, but I think they are no threat.

I like the older Kim, she seems well grounded, pleasant, and sane.

I used to like Frank, he was quiet and seemed normal, now I think he was quiet 'cuz he has a few screws loose...what was that thing with the elephant? I told my BF he looked like the elephant had scared the s*it outta him and he was fanning his butt!

Ethan is my favorite, he's calm, friendly, well spoken, and seems to lay fair. (not to mention so fine!)

Next week I'll probably change my mind....or not?
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Survivor: Africa
Will There Be a Feast Tonight?
60 min.
By Alicia Calaway
Samburu alliances got screwed with the realignment and I'm
glad. Those guys made it way too obvious from the beginning
what their strategies were, who they were aligned with and
how they felt about each other. As a result, they had nothing
but animosity toward each other---and they deserve it! If you
make those kinds of mistakes in this game they will always
come back and bite you in the a--. Other than Kim, none of
the younger folks who were part of Samburu will make it to the
final four.

On the other hand, I love Boran. Lex and Ethan are playing the
game perfectly. They are likable and physically fit enough to
stick around, but they aren't so likable that you want to get
rid of them out of fear of sitting next to them in the finals. One
of them will win it all.

By this time in the game, Days 19, 20 and 21, players must
know who they want next to them at the end. The smart thing
is to make sure that there is one person, only one, that you
level with and trust. You should have more than one person in
your alliance, but only one to whom you are committed. The
others are just pawns to help get you to the finish. It is vital
that the players get all of the dirt they can on the other folks,
like whether they have any votes against them, so they can
poison the water, so to speak, by spreading rumors about the
people they don't like. Then, when they get back together
with their original tribemates and alliance partners, they can
create a strategy to take them to the end.

Here is the link to this article by Alicia
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Oooooh if Ethan doesn't win I will be sooooooo pi**ed! I remember the last Survivor, when Rodger got booted off I sat and cried! I loved him I'm glad Tina won though. But lemme tell ya, the person who messes with my Ethan better watch out
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I'm with you Melissa...if you can't handle 'em alone, I'll be your back-up!
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:LOL:Hee hee! Thanks Cleo! But I gotta warn ya...I won't share him
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Fine stingy! Fight your own battles then!:LOL:
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Cleo, he may be a whole lotta man, but I need him all to myself. Maybe you would settle for, ummm, Brandon? No wait, that won't do..too gay. Lex? Nah...too tattooed. How bout Clarence, he's a cutie, and heck, he's already gone so you won't even have to wait for him! (and yes I am aware the show ended ages ago, but let me live in my little fantasy world, k? :tounge2: ) Ethan is my idea of the perfect male specimen *wiping up the drool from the keyboard* Yummy Yummy. Like my friend says " I wouldn't kick him outta my bed for eatin' crackers!" heheheh
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Ok Mel, you can have him, I only have a queen size bed anyway, and my BF Scott might not like being that crowded! :laughing2:

I can always dream though.....
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