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Update threads

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Lately, many of you have been beginning new threads in the Lounge that give an update on an issue you previously posted about in another forum. Actually, it is easier for all involved if you would pull up the original thread and post the update right there. There are a lot of members who follow stories from beginning to end, but it's tough to have to jump all over the board looking for where something started out. Also, many, many members receive emails to notify them when a thread they have posted in gets a new reply. So, don't worry, your update won't be missed! Finally, since our threads hang out here for a long time (barring any crashes ), there may be new members in the future who take an interest in your story and can't see it all the way through if the conclusion is posted elsewhere.

Thanks everyone.
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Thanks for the heads up Deb. I was just thinking the same thing!
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Thanks Deb I never really thought about it I will do that in futre thanks
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