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I had my first post yesterday and asked for help for Katie. Today I had to make the decision. She stayed in my arms throughout the event and kept looking at me to reassure me it was ok. This was truly the circle of life for her, as her life started and ended in the same exam room at the vet. I will miss Katie so very much! She was(I know we all say this) a very special little angel. My companion and my friend.
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I'm sorry for your loss I lost my kitty Fluffy over six months ago and I still miss her terribly. It gets easier as time goes on, but you never forget those special little furbabies . They stay in your heart forever
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We are both so very sorry for your loss. Katie was a wonderful little kitty, and we know that you will miss her dearly. In her time of suffering you gave her a gentle death. Bette and Sue
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Katie was indeed a special dear for you and it is OK to say that here!
My thoughts are with you and yours - I know that this was not an easy decision for you to make and you certainly did it out of love for Katie. She is now romping and playing at the Bridge.
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I am very sorry about your loss of Katie . She had a very long life and I am sure you have many happy memories of her. When her time came, you unselfishly chose to give Katie the greatest act of kindness it is possible to give an animal. Katie is now at Rainbow Bridge where she is young and happy again, and waiting for the day you will be together forever.
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Im so sorry for your loss....I know how hard it is, I also had to make that tough decision on Saturday morning.....my love goes out to you hun..
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I am so sorry for you. Of course, Katie was special... And 17 years is a long a happy life for a cat. Think that she was in your arms when she went so she was not scared and felt your love...

My thoughts go out to you...

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