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Have you ever wondered..............

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What it would be like to be rich?? To not have any money troubles.....to not have to work.......to not have any bills.......just to live our lives as we please and devote our time to whatever we want to.......

Mine would naturally be to help all the animals I could........
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Yes! Zack and I dream about winning the lottery all the time. We would help out our sisters and parents beforehand. Make sure my sisters (17 & 8) go to college and that it is paid for and pay his sisters loans off from school (she will be done this year.) We would do so many things...but I told him I would volunteer at the SPCA in my free time!
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Yes, totally! Although people who are rich seem so unhappy - either they're doing something wrong or it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Think about it... suddenly relatives and "long-lost friends" appear out of nowhere asking for money. That'd be a pain.

Not that I'm saying it wouldn't be nice... I'd love it!
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Oh i'd shop!, but i wouldn't do designer because that doesn't interest me and i wouldn't even buy a huge house either!.

I wouldn't mind helping out at The Cats Protection, in fact i'd build them a new shelter somewhere
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Firstly, I'd pay off every debt that I owe....then buy a house with enough room in it for the two of us and all the things that the kitties need too! Then I'd help out any of my TCS friends who needed it (or even if I just thought they did), I'd do a lot of sewing, quilting and reading, and loads of volunteer work, both animals and human. Loads of yearly donations to TEARS and all the other animal agencies who need extra moolah. AND put enough up to live off the interest, w/o worring about ever being poor again!
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Yes, I have! My friend told me that $5 million would be perfect. You could live comfortably on the interest ($125,000) a year.
It would be nice, but I would still want to work. I'd get bored staying home and stuff, and I would not want to do a whole lot of traveling, for I would miss my kitties.
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Yes it would be nice. I would definitly help out my family who needs it first of all. We are comfortable though!
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You're suddenly rich? Bummer.
An avalanche of unexpected wealth can be traumatic, but don't expect anyone except other instant millionaires to sympathize. Here are 5 rules to guide your noble struggle.

Hey, guys. I'd love to be rich too! But I read this article awhile back and saved it. Very intersesting to read if you have the time.
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I've always thought that it'd be fun to do random acts of kindness - like pay for the groceries for the person ahead of you in line or buy 25 new pairs of sneakers for the PTA clothing bank or leave a $100.00 tip for a deserving waiter.
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I always think this, I have my list all ready in my mind. I would go back to college( want to now but can't ), buy a nice house in the country with a building for stray cats. I would probably open up a sanctuary for animals. leave some money for my kids to go to college and buy a car that is payed for and will never break down. Have a room just of books , no t.v. in the house and a modern kitchen with all the appliances. I would if I had more help out my husbands family( he is from a 3rd world country, and has relatives in desprate need), that would be about it.
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MrsD, what an interesting article!
I do think that instant, vast wealth in the multi-millions can really bring out either the best or the worst in people....all that money can easily exacerbate personal pathologies, shall we say? I mean, if I were a selfish, superficial, self-centered &*^*% before the money and couldn't manage my personal realtionships and professional ones and basically was unhappy about myself deep down, all that money isn't going to make me a better person, no matter how many bills I would pay off. That would come from no money to start with and still being a better person! But what it would alleviate is the daily "grind" so many of us might feel.....that we work harder only to get ahead a little less than we had hoped, or having less time for those things that matter to us. That type of money would alleviate much of that.
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Very interesting everyone!
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mrsd, I'll have to read that article when I have a little more time since I plan to win the lottery any day now and suddenly become a multi-millionaire.

Let's see now, well the first thing I would do is leave town and go into hiding to escape all the "friends and relatives" I would suddenly acquire. After that I would make good solid investments, buy a better house, help my parents and siblings, donate some time to worthwhile organizations and help those who are less fortunate, both animal and human, and I think I would keep working even if I didn't have to anymore...just to stay busy.
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Oh I still hope for that day! There are so many things I'd want to do, but my biggest appreciation would be for the ability to be as generous as I wish, and to use my money for causes I strongly believe in. I dream of a large no-kill shelter facility, perhaps sponsoring an entire village in a needy country, scholarships,and yes, a big house...far away, very private.
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[quote=Lorie D.]mrsd, I'll have to read that article when I have a little more time since I plan to win the lottery any day now and suddenly become a multi-millionaire.

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I'm one of those people who if not provided structure, I don't do it myself, so I would never want to be REALLY rich, but would like to have more than I do! But would want to have to work etc. But be able to be more choosey about what etc.
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I gotta be honest here. I would buy a car first. Probably a BMW or Mercedes or something along those lines. THEN I would pay off debts & my student loan. I'd probably buy a small home for both of my uncles, so they can stop living off of my grandmother. Then I would buy myself a home.. and shop & travel my butt off.

Last but not least, I would find myself a good financial advisor.
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Yes!! Oh, I know it wouldn't solve all of my problems, but it would be so nice not to have to worry about lack finances!

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is up to 130 million tonight, think I'll get a ticket or two!
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Too late Diane........don't bother. Jerry and I already bought the winning ticket............
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Too late Diane........don't bother. Jerry and I already bought the winning ticket............

D'oh! I already promised my kitties we were gonna win! OK, we can share!
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I already sit around all day licking myself, chasing string, balls, cats, dust bunnies, napping, eating till I spew, and meowing to wake up... *meow* *tha-whump*

.... Sorry about that, I caught my cat at the PC again! As he said above, he already has everything he wants and does not need millions. As you can see he has plenty of time to do all the things he loves while I keep him content and look after his needs. It must be nice to be a cat and not worry about money.
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I cant even think of what Id do (other than cry hysterically) if I won the lottery! But I guess you have to play first,,LOL!
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Well since I don't play the lotto there is little chance I'll win. But if for some reason I did win the lotto the only people that are getting any of the money are the people I already know and love, the rest of those new friends and relatives can kiss my buttons. Like everybody else, I'd pay off all my debts and talk to a good financial advisor, and buy a nice home and furnish it. Then I'd start taking care of my family, pay off my parent's house and all their debts, pay for my cousin to go to school full time and become whatever she wants to be, I also have a few friends that would be getting large sums of money just for being there for me. After that I would start giving what I could to charity and trying to find a charity to work for full time. And who am I kidding, it probably get a bunch more kitties as I would be able to afford them.
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I tell you what - it is very nice not HAVING to go to work every day in a job you detest. I officially retired in September, and though I am by no means rich or anywhere near it, my pension means that I can now spend my days doing what I want to, and I have chosen to stay in Bosnia for a while to help with teaching English to undergrads for a monthly salary that is equivalent to a day's fees before. And I have time for writing, and can stay more at home with the kits, until I decide I want to leave and find a full-time retirement location. Just a little money can give you enormous freedom - to be really rich would be a terrible responsibility that I would not want!
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Hmmmm, "rich" is a relative term for me.

By Third World standards, no one in America is truly "poor." Even homeless people are able to get food and shelter through charity organizations and money through General Assistance run by the government.

I'm very happy where I am !
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First I would pay off all our debts :P and then buy a modest house-3 bedroom with a nice kitchen. get his parents paid off from their bankruptcy, put the rest in a CD or an IRA and we'd both still work, at least for a while, and live off of what we earn. this way, we could do what we wanted without worrying how much we made.
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OH my what I wouldn't give to be able to get by sometimes! I don't think I'd really want to be rich... if I ever won the lottery I'd make sure that my family were well taken care of, put something aside for my son when he gets to college or uni... and then the rest would disappear into charities. Of course I'd want a little treat... but to be able to get by with the bills without any worry... that would be my dream.
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This is something I revisit every time the lottery gets big! First, I'd clean up my credit report and pay EVERYTHING off. Then I'd do a little shopping. And find a financial advisor.

My biggest dream is to find 100-200 acres in NJ. I would build a house in the back with a large guest wing, I personally won't need a large space. The other wing would be a large empty room for parties and rehearsal space for the production group I work with. 50 acres would be developed as a home for the NJ Renaissance Festival. I would, of course, be involved in the layout of the village and I would be guaranteed a role for the rest of my life.
$1,000,000 would be a grant to the NJRF.

$1,000,000 would establish a scholarship for vets specializing in cat care. $1,000,000 to a TNR program.
$1,000,000 would be set aside for college for my neices and nephews.
Both of my parents would receive health care for the rest of their lives.
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[quote=Big Bad Wolf]Hmmmm, "rich" is a relative term for me.

By Third World standards, no one in America is truly "poor." QUOTE]
Couldn't agree more! By American standards, I'm well off. Not rich but very comfortable. I have the house in the country with a lot of cats and a couple of dogs, a shelter for feral cats, and donate a lot of time and money to Humane Societies and other non-profit groups that struggle to survive. I give a lot to my family members who are struggling Most of my bills are paid off and what I still owe I could pay off tomorrow to be entirely debt free. But I worked my butt off for the last 25 years to get where I am now and still need to work to keep this lifestyle. I'm not bragging, but realized that the more money you have, the more you tend to spend / give away. I could be retired by now but have bought that dream and given so much away over the years.

But if I won the lottery and got really rich, I would quit working for others and only work when I got satisfaction out of it. I would buy a lot of land out west and build a comfortable (not big) house on it, but also get a house somewhere in a big city to be able to be close to people also. Nothing would change about my involvement with non-profits and family members, I would just perhaps do more of it.
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I often wonder about that a lot (considering I am so damn poor hehe) I get so mad when I see celebrities on TV with so much damn money they dont know what to do with it. When there are people and animals in such need around the world... thats why I love Paul Newman because all the profits he gets from the salsa and salad dressing and stuff all goes to charity none of it goes to him personaly. I think thats exactly what I would do if I was rich, I would try to help out as many people and creatures in need... start a company that keeps on generating profits for the needy and not for myself... I just feel like ,the wrong people were given the good life, like Paris Hilton who doesnt seem to care about anything but herself why does she get to live the way she does, when people who are actually willing to help, who actually WANT to help are unable to.
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