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cat in Louisiana .........

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I don't know if I posted here, so I will because this stray needs help and I can't give it to him. I live in an apt. complex that does not allow animals and I will be moving with my two illegal guys out of state in the summer and can't take this guy along. He is an orange and white mix with gold eyes and a fluffy stripped tail . He is friendly enough to pick up (when he wants) and has a very loud purr. He is abused by the neighborhood kids and was starving when I started feeding him. From what I gather he was being fed by a family and when they moved he was not being fed I saw him in the parking lot and couldn't let him starve. I am barely living on my income with my 2 cats and 2 kids, and can't take this guy to the vet, nor can I find a home for him. If anyone can take this cat please let me know. There are only kill shelters where I am and they will surely kill him, I have asked all that I know and everyone says no, I have also contacted rescue groups and a sanctuary near here with no luck. I am not asking for a great mansion for him, just someone who has a house and is willing to feed him, and give him a bed to sleep in so he is not abused in the area. thank you
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Dear Cat Lover,
I'm in California so probably can't help much, but have you tried www.furr-angels.com? I believe that they are based in Tennessee, but they have links all over the country. I hope that we could start some sort of rally around the nation that could network to help cats in this situation. I'm also struggling financially, but somehow we manage to "put more water on the beans" and find that little extra to share. What breaks my heart is that somewhere there is some disabled or mentally challenged, very lonely person who would love this cat for a companion. I say this because my 24 year-old daughter has brain damage, and her cat is her best friend and ally. If you find a home, perhaps I can figure some way to help out, maybe contribute to a neuter fund for this cat, or send some food. Anyone else out there who might help? I say, keep the faith and let's see what we can do. God bless you for caring for this unfortunate cat - I hope your kindness reaps many happy rewards for you and your own family! Take Care,Susan
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