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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I've just thought of another one!, TRIPE! Years ago my old next door neighbour used to eat it covered with salt and pepper so i tried a bit.

I can't even remember what it tasted like and i didn't even chew it because of what it was!.
I ate tripe--or should I say I tasted tripe--by accident when I visited Paris in 2003. It was our first night there and the menu was in French and English. I relied too much on the English, which turned out not to be accurate. I know lots of people eat tripe but I thought it tasted really...icky.
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Squirrel..Pretty good, actually

Tripe soup.. but it's sort of a creamy tripe soup, Still disgusting. It's served after heavy drinking to the turkish men in the household.. because you don't get a hang over apparently.. Either way.. YUCK

Snake Pizza...Not that good

And for all of you that go, yuck sushi.. I LOVE sushi- I suggest though, starting out withthe inside out rolls filled with something cooked.. they're easier to eat, and yummy I love the spider rolls.. I was always afraid of them, but their good. Fried soft shell crab, avocado, wrapped inside out and rolled in orange roe
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I was given the eyes of a Salmon (or was it Red Snapper) to eat. It was considered a delicacy .....

I tried not to look at it as I cut into it (too late, some of the "eye fluid" dripped onto my fork). I just opened my mouth and closed my eyes ...

It DID NOT taste like chicken, it was sorta .... chewy !
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I gotta ask.....what is tripe?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I gotta ask.....what is tripe?

It is most DEEE-LICIOUS ! (OK, that was no help)

It is the lining of a cow's stomach and small intestine. Comes in all sorts of varieties. There is Honeycomb tripe (looks like one), another variety called "Toalla" - looks like a terry cloth towel, another kind called "librillo" - looks like the fringe hanging down from a scarf.

I'm getting hungry

If it comes from a pig, it is called "Maws" instead of "tripe."
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Tripe is the stomach lining of a sheep or cow and is a delicacy in France, Spain and some parts of the UK. My grandfather used to love it cooked in milk and onions. I think it is disgusting, though I love haggis, a Scottish delicacy made from all kinds of unmentionable bits of sheep, mixed with suet and barley and cooked in a sheep stomach bag. I have eaten (and liked) many other things mentioned so far, including chocolate covered ants. But I was once offered a sheep's eyeball, and that I could not eat. And although I really like calamari I cannot eat octpus, having once had to cook one from live.
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