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Radio question of the day: 01/17/05

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What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
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Live caterpillars for an anthropology class.
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Oh Tricia.......
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Originally Posted by jcat
Live caterpillars for an anthropology class.
Did they tickle going down, or did they crawl right back up?
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eeewww groossss

Weirdest thing...

Dog treat when I was little...
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This isn't weird to some people, but it was for me: 'Gator

And yes, it tasted like chicken!
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I think snails in France... my mom made me eat them if I wanted to see a friend, then I didn't even get to see her! And calling them escargot doesn't make me pretend they're not snails!
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calamari- squid- I loved it as a kid when we lived in Italy but then my Dad told me what it was and I could never eat it again. yuk!
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I had the quail egg sushi, it wasn't memorable! And so damned expensive, never again!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Live caterpillars for an anthropology class.

A locust (it was dead). The legs were scratchy, but it did have a crunch! I would never eat another one. (Things you do on a dare... )
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A maggot...it was like cooked and flavoured, some delicasy....it was not yummy and very dried out.
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Octopus(sp?) and for those wondering... it tasted, looked(the inside meat) and the texture was just like chicken... honestly, it wasnt that bad except for the little suction cups on its legs... creepy feeling....
(my husbands grandparents are portugese, and this is a regular meal for them)....
gosh, i hate seafood!
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Jellied eels in a pub in London and i still can't believe i did!
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I haven't really had anything weird. I'm all American!! But when I was little, I would share with my bird's food! It was ok, I guess.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Live caterpillars for an anthropology class.

Yuk maybe you could win the 50,000 on fear factor kidding with ya
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Definitly sushi...OMG never again made me feel sick for the rest of the night! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Well maybe that's not the weirdest.. but I have tried all types of pet food, I test before the cats get it.
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I've always wondered....if these strange and exotic foods taste just like chicken, why not eat chicken?

Even though I never thought it was wierd, we ate deer and elk heart when I was growing up. It was the best part, very tender and a real subtle flavor.
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butter and sugar sandwich
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I ate dirt as a kid with the neighbor boy.
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I haven't had anything weird.
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Chocolate covered insects.
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Calamari is good. I love Peanut Butter and Butter sandwiches. When I was a toddler I ate my mom's deordorant... LOL
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When I was a kid.... I tasted rabbit. It tasted just like chicken
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Goat is good too. So is Venison. And Elk.
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I've eaten frog's legs and snails -- snails definitely don't taste like chicken!

Oh, and tripe in the Mexican soup, Menudo.

I forgot -- I cooked the frog's legs, too. They were caught in the Everglades by the man next door.
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I ate ostrich before, looks like beef and kind of tastes like it, if I remember correctly, but is similar to chicken in nutrition.
I've also had fried calamari, but I didn't like it because of the chewiness.

I used to make peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. It was a certain kind of cheese, thick pieces of sharp cheddar. Don't ask how I started, I have no idea! Oh, and I love peanut butter and molasses. My dad started me on that.

Anyone else put chips in their bologna sandwiches? Or fries on your burger? My husband does the fries thing, and we both eat chips with bologna.
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Hmm, I've eaten a bunch of things that have been mentioned so far, without ever thinking they were weird (snails, calamari, deer, gator...)

The weirdest thing I've ever eaten I think was this summer while on vacation in Hawaii. Someone told us about this out of the way beach that was basically just visited by locals. We went there and this one local guy that was there swam out to a rock and started scraping these mollusky things off it with a pocket knife. He and his buddies were eating them and he came over and offered some to us. They were incredibly gross looking when you took them out of the shell, but they tasted okay--sort of like a cross between a raw clam and a snail. Which I realize is still kinda gross for some people...
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Not sure at the moment,, but maybe alligator or frog legs....if I remember something weirder I will repost!
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I really haven't eaten anything that strange, I do eat weird food combinations like french fries and maple syrup though.
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I've just thought of another one!, TRIPE! Years ago my old next door neighbour used to eat it covered with salt and pepper so i tried a bit.

I can't even remember what it tasted like and i didn't even chew it because of what it was!.
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