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Any one's cat ever have a momentary freak out?

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Ok, I find this funny now because I can picture it in my head, but I've got the deepest scratch I've ever had. On my arm & my leg are sets of 3 long deep scratches. It was an accident so I'm not mad, but Issac was sitting on the side of the tub while I was taking a bath & I touched his side because I was going to move him so he didn't fall in. Well he jumped about a foot in the air, landed on me in the tub, which only freeked him out more So of coarse he pushed off on my leg & my arm Then jumped up to the toilet he jumped off there so hard he broke one of the arms on the lid. So needless to say I was a bitt shoked at first Then I bust out laughing. At any rate I was wondering why he had such an extreem reaction to being touched when he wasn't expecting it. He's done this type of thing before, but it was when he had the cone on his head so I just attributed his behavior to that.
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That happened to me once, about 3 months ago, and I still have the scratch on my arm to proove it! *Cry*

I was coming in the house with a friend, and we had gone to the mall and stopped at Subway for some dinner. I came in the house, my kitty (Sato) is on the chair awaiting attention. I swap items from one arm to the other to pick him up, and he just went nuts. Not sure if he didn't like the idea of my friend following me in, or he just wasn't comfortable, but yow...

Your story, I tell you... That would have made a good scene on a sitcom. ^_^ Glad you came out of it ok, and were ironically in a great place to wash any wounds.
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Rang_27, just make sure you clean those cuts out good. I've heard people here say to use hot water and then treat with betadine. Im allergic to betadine, so I've always used hot water to clean and then I use 91% rubbing alcohol on a cottom ball to scrub the cut even better. Haven't had an infection yet. (I grew up with a demon cat and had deep cuts at least once a week.) Either way, it's gonna hurt like all heck to clean and treat - but infection needs to be prevented.

When I had Harry over the summer, I was holding him and standing next to the window so my neighbor's granddaughter could see him. She hadn't even started walking over to the window, so I don't know why he spooked, but he clawed his way over my arm. Another neighbor was over my house and tried to catch the cat as a gut instinct - she saw something fall and tried to catch it....

She ended up with a scratch almost the entire length of her arm - at least she was wearing a watch so her hand wasn't cut. It was deep, but it wasn't too bad.

I should have went for stitches. I had three cuts on my upper arm... in a triangle shape (don't know how that happened. His paws were normal shaped)... They were really deep and took a month to heal. I still have some pretty deep grooves even though they've scarred.
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Simon does something like that at least once a day. Most of the time it's not because of me, but because he just decides he's demon spawn from hell and tears around the house as fast as he can, attacking everything in sight. However, I've got a nasty, nasty scratch on my forearm because he decided to crawl between the covers (between the two blankets), and then lost his noggin when I moved. He scratched me so badly even through the blanket. Oh well, part of having a cat. 'Twasn't his fault at all.

And then, after he'd calmed down, and I'd calmed down, and I was trying to sleep on my belly, wee man decided that he needed to be under my shoulder to go to sleep. So he crawled under my arm, and poked his way into his spot, purring ferociously and humming. How sweet was that?? My arm hurt, but my heart was warm and fuzzy.

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I have a pretty long scar on the inside of my wrist from Spyder from 2 winters ago. I was holding him when someone turned on a hairdryer close by. It scared him and when he jumped away his back claw got me
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