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Strongid T/Ringworm treament

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Our 4 mo. old Sassy was recently diagnosed with ringworm and given a dose of Strongid, with a second dose sent home to be given in a week to 10 days.

Q1: Is diarrhea a side effect of this medication?

Q2: Is the second dose critical to treamtent? Sassy expelled quite a number of dead worms in the first 24 hours after the first dose and we haven't seen any since.

Since the night before she was diagnosed, she has started pooping under our dining nook bench not in her basement box. She pees okay in the box. Is this (hopefully) a temporary problem because she doesn't feel well? What can we do to correct it?

Thanks and purrs to all!

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To answer your questions:

1- Yes it could be - some oral meds. can irritate
there systems. It should be temporary.

2- Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin, there are no real critters. Since she
expelled worms maybe you mean roundworms?

3- Whether the second dose is needed I think you
should discuss your babies reaction to the
meds with your vet and have him re-evaluate
the situation.

All the best
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My mistake...it was roundworms...thanks for the correction and advice. We'll be calling the vet tomorrow for re-evaluation and possibly a check-up on Sassy's "big brother" Striker...

Much thanks, again!

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Glad it was of help - let us know how Sassy and Striker are coming along.

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My guess is pooping outside the box was a sign that she had roundworms. Once they are infected to the point of seeing them, they usually cant hold it long enough to go to the box. It is also uncomfortable for them to go to the bathroom. The medication will give them loose stool. It is also necessary to so the second treatment because there may be eggs that have hatched. If you don't she may end up with another case of roundworms a month or 2 down the road.
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Thanks for the additional input. I guess we'll try putting a small litter box at the "scene of the crime" until she's through the second treatment and it seems her stool returns to normal? My wife is reluctant to do this, since its in our dining area, and she's afraid Sassy won't go back to using the original location. It beats cleaning up every a.m., though.

Blessings to all,
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Well, it appears our little girl Sassy has survived her extreme bout of roundworms. After several hidden "messes" and the second dose of medication, her litter box behavior seems to have returned to normal. For the time being, we're keeping the other area barricaded from further kitten encroachment.

Thanks for everyone's help and advice!

(Dad of Sassy and Striker)
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