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Kittens died,mother still trying to car for them

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My Cat had a litter of kittens they were not very healthy they seemed very much smaller then the usual size of newborn kittens, when she had them, two died at birth, one died a day after and then all three of the rest were dead this morning , when the first ones died she put them on one side of the nesting box away from the others and i took them and buried them in a box she had no problem with that but now that all three are dead she still sits in the box with them, every time i try to take them she freaks out, she wont let me even near them, she goes and lays on them or sits on them. Then when i leave the room she follows me out and meows by my feet so i go back to the box and she jumps in and lays on them. I dont no if she knows there dead, but i dont want to take them from her because if she thinks their still alive, i dont want her to think i stole them or something, she has had kittens before and they where very healthy and she was a great mother, so i dont no what happen with this litter and i think she is confused to . please i need some advice, should i take them or give her some time to relize they are dead. please help,
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You can go to www.peteducation.com and maybe look for some info. I am so sorry for the momma. One thing please after this is over spay her. call 1800spayusa. They do very cheap spays. I have heard of cats eating their young, so you need to watch out for them . She is going to really mourn these babies it sounds like. Good luck !
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I would take her kittens away from her now, and bury them. Yes, she will grieve, this is normal. I would also take her in and get her spayed too, as that will help her. You can use substitute items for the kittens. Socks full of uncooked rice, tied off and nuked in the microwave 30 seconds, small beanie baby stuffies, something to comfort her. But leaving the dead kittens with her just prolongs her grief.

I am sorry you have suffered this type of loss. It would be advisable to get her in to the vet to be checked out. If she is a backyard cat she has mated with males that could have a disease and that's why the kittens died. Please take her in
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Thank you for all of your advice. I will just have to break down and take them from her i just feel so horrible and bad for her. I want to get her spayed A.S.A.P, and i also have two female feral cats that i want to get spayed before the same thing happens, i can take Archie( momma cat) in because she is a house cat that just escapes now and then so i can bring her in to a vet easily but the feral cats i dont no what to do because i feel bad traping them and there isnt a vet in my area that i can find that will as they put it " deal with" a feral cat. so if anyone could send me some good sites so i can reasearch i would really apreciate it thank you all

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where are you located? state?
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