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My 2 old cats

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When I told you about my cats, I only mentioned the 3 new kittens.. but I forgot to tell you about my 2 old long-nosed persians that are staying at my parents' house. Alì, a blue male, is 16, and I have had him since he was 3 month old (and I was just 11-year-old at the time!! I've always considered him my brother). He is the most beautiful and adorable cat one can ever wish to own and I hope he has some more happy years with us.
As for BabÃ:censor:, a black female, we don't know exactly how old she is because we rescued her from her previous owners (who were going to put her to sleep only because they were moving to an apartment and she was used to stay in the garden!!) when she was already an old cat. She should be around 17. She's a real pest, doesn't even want to be touched, but when you sit down on the sofa then she'll jump in your lap!
I hope you will take a look at my old cats as you did with my kittens.
There's a very old site by my dad where you can find plenty of pictures: http://www.geocities.com/Petsburgh/6647/

Old cats rule!
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Oh WOW!!! They are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
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Thank you Bodlover, you're always sooo nice.
Brandy was the most beautiful cat. I'm so sorry for her.

I saw that my cats' names did not come out right: They have accents at the end:
Ali' and Baba' (well... they're persians after all!)

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Heh heh Ali Baba, thats cool......!! Brandy was a darling and we'll miss her ver much, but she's ina better place....thanks for your words love
My cats names have a theme too - ALCOHOL! ha ha.. the first two we had were called , Tetley and Boddington, sadly Tetley is no longer with us, So now we have, Boddington, Merlot (as in the Red wine) Shandy, Brandy and then we get to....ummm Monty..don't know what happened there!!! ha ha ha:laughing:
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Sinophilia; So many photos and everyone of an adorable, beautiful/handsome feline! Is your father the photographer? It is a very well-put-together web site also! Thanks for sharing it! Welcome to The Cat Site Family. :
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I agree with 3LK...what a great album!
Your father put a lot of time and obviously love into it!
Is that you holding the darker of the 2 kitties, on what I think was page 5?

Your older cats are beautiful, just as the little ones are!
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You've got some beautiful cats there! Baba looks just like my Marina Mar who is 3 1/2 years old. Baba doesn't look old at all. Neither one of them do!

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What lovely kitties! Is the darker one Baba and the lighter one is Ali? (Sorry, don't know how to get those accents on an American keyboard.) I love that the black cat has white whiskers!

Of course I don't read Italian, is that one story Ali Baba and the 40 cats? I did like the French poem, though, Le Chat. But if I translated it into English, it would lose so much of the mood. Lovely site. Tell your dad he did a great job!
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Wow, Bodlover, Merlot is a wonderful name! It's my favorite red wine and it comes from here where I live. The people here are known for loving wine, and it's true... I am no exception.

The person holding Baba' in the pictures (and how happy she looks to have her in her arms!) is not me but my mother. Yes, my father took all the pictures, sometimes he doesn't care too much whether the light is okay or not, as long as there are cats in front of his camera! He lives for our cats.

Baba' non only has white whiskers, but a lot of white hairs around - she's so old!! But she's very strong and healthy, really impressive. She just underwent total anesthesia to take out a tooth and a couple of hours after that she was just perfect and groaring as usual. I must say that our vet is great!

God I must go to work!!!!
I'll be back soon
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