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Help !!!

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Ok Around 9:30 we opend are back door becues we were hearing meowing and thought imaybe one of are cats got out well a cat ran in and made he made him self at home.. we feed him and bathed him
well ever thing was fine until he peed on me he didnt even no he peed on me
... i have no clue what wrong with him anyone ????????
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Let me see if I understand this? You have cats yourself. You heard meowing and opened the door and a strange cat ran in the house. This cat is now loose in your house with your other cats? He or she needs to be confined in a small room away from the other cats because you have no idea if it is bringing in bad stuff. If it has been on the streets is certainly has fleas. If you picked it up and it peed on you, that could have been done because it was scared, or because it was sick. I suggest you take this cat to the vet in the morning and get it checked out and until then, keep it away from the other pets in the home
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