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Hairball? Should we be worried?

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Hi, all!
Our 1 y.o. DSH male has started gagging/choking over the past few days, more than he ever has. I think it may be a hairball that he's just not able to clear, but I've never had a cat (that I recall) that had this happen. Should we be worried? Is there anything we can do to help the poor guy? He remains active through most of the day, but is having more occurences of these choking incidents. I'm contemplating taking him to the vet, just to be on the safe side, but figured I'd consult the accumulated knowledge of this group, before I potentially overreact.

Thanks to all!

(Dad to Striker and Sassy)
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Well, Im not too knowledgable about this kind of thing, but I would take him to the vet just in case, the vet has previously given me some really good stuff that helps to dislodge hairballs.....I can't think now what it is called but it works great, hopefully that will be all thats wrong!! Let us know!
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I saw an episode of Emergency Vets where a cat was doing the same thing. It turned out that there was a sewing needle stuck in the back of her throat! So, is it possible that there is something caught in her throat?
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I give my babes a regular dose of Petromalt that I get at the pet store. Mine seem to like the taste and it has cut down on the hairballs and subsuquent gagging and 'presents' on the rugs! You know - the get up in the middle of the night in bare feet and step in it kind! hehehe
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It could be a few things. Yes, it could be a hairball trying to make it's way loose. If its that you can use laxatone,petromalt or some vegetable oil. It could also be something stuck somewhere. If you try one of the above remedys and he continues, I would check with the vet. I would also watch for signs of decreased appetite or lathargy.
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Lotso - its possible there was something ingested...will have the vet check him out soon...

Debra & Sandie - I think I'll have my wife try the Petromalt today to see if that helps...if not, to the doctor's we go...

I'm leaning more toward hairball because Striker has developed a "mothering" habit toward our little Sassy...if he's not wrestling with her, he's licking her clean...prior to Sassy's introduction, the gagging never happened...

Scary observation - we had a birthday party for our son last weekend and belatedly found pieces of a burst latex balloon...I'm a little concerned about the possibility Striker ingested a piece, but he's not usually that anxious to munch on anything other than food and the occasional plant frond

Thanks a lot, all of you!

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Deb & Sandie,

Thanks for the tip on the Petromalt. We got some Saturday, followed the directions, gave it to Striker for 4 days and for the past two, neither of us has seen or heard him coughing/choking. We're still going to keep an eye/ear out just in case, but that seems to hacve done the trick! He loved it, too!

Thanks a lot!

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B - this is good news!
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Just another note....

I give my kitties Petromalt/Laxatone every so often....not on a daily basis. Too much of a good thing might not be...so check w/your vet about giving this every day!

My tip is this....my Streak hates the stuff. (Soooo unusual for a cat to hate it!) So for all the finicky kitty's moms out there.. take some and put it on the front paw or near mouth. They goes nutz and have to lick it off.

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