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Project: Castle

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I was looking for some suggestions from those creative members out there...

My boyfriend and I have decided to try to build a castle for Baylee out of cardboard boxes since we can't afford a cat tree, we have quite a few boxes around and we need to try to distract her from the balcony (for more info see this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41377).

Any thoughts on how to make this appealing to her? We're thinking "windows" she can jump in and out of, maybe one box that has her blanket for sleeping, scattering toys around, etc. Has anyone tried to do this, and if so, what was the outcome?

Thanks for the help guys... and mods if this is in the wrong place, please move it!
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Did you check Walmart? Someone on this site said that they had a cat tree there for 35 bucks. Might be worth checking out.
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Here's the thread. She even posts a picture of the tree and her kittens on it:

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You know, I've looked at Wal-Mart and never saw anything remotely that cool! I'm jealous... I guess I'll have to go look again. It would be easier than building something... thanks for the link!
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I have made cardboard castles for my cats. They love them. You make holes that you can line up so they can go from one room to another and make little paw and eye sized holes that they can reach out through and get you. You can use a lot of duct tape fastening them together. You can make balconies and upstairs. Have fun, Baylee will be glad to help you as you are working on it. Becky
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Have you thought of making a cat tree for Baylee? If I can manage on a student budget, you can do it too!!

If you are going to go more for the cardboard box style though, you can google it, I found a couple of sites with patterns on and some with good ideas and designs that you can include in yours!!

Maybe you could make Baylee a giant scratch post, that she can climb, and make the castle around it?
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I hadn't seen your post of Ari jumping. We had an open balcony at our last house and I watched in horror one day as McKenzie (still a kitten) jumped through the railing onto the first floor. I held my breath and then watched her land, shake her head and walk away. That's soo scary.

I could never understand why the cat condos cost so much. I'm certain you could make an activity center for Bay much cheaper
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Oh Chris, how scary! Did McKenzie (I LOVE that name) just jump for the fun of it? I'm glad she was okay...

Do you think it'd be better for me to try to build a cat tower or a playhouse out of cardboard? I'm talking not only longer-lasting, something that *I* could make, and fairly cheap... we're talking I have 2 credit card bills definitely higher than the amount of money in my account. Any thoughts?
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I think you should build one - it will last a long time and as you get more money/pieces of wood etc you can expand it!

To make it cheaper, look in skips and round building sites (if you have any near you) and take things you will be able to use! That's what I did and then I only had to buy the odd bit of wood and some carpet to cover it!!
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I agree with making it if your able, but defintly price materials before you start buying them. Two 2x4's fastened together would make the center pole, and if you dont have cheap carpet available for all of it, I have seen some wrapped in rope. If the rope is wet when its wrapped, it should expand and allow you to get a little stretch into it. When it dries it should shink a bit and tighten up. Provided your using the "right" type of rope. For the platforms and base, those could all be cut from one fairly cheap plank type of board from a hardware store. The quality of the wood doesnt have to be great after all, it can have a knot in it or minor flaws. There are even a few types of pressboard that would work, as long as its not getting wet. Of course you would defintly want to have some carpet on the areas sticking out so the cats dont slide off bare wood and have something to get traction on. Good luck!
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Okay so I looked for that cat tree at Wal-Mart... no such luck. So last night I started building the castle for Baylee. As of right now there are just two different sized boxes (one on top of the other) with holes cut out. She likes to look at me the through the holes... then jump at me!

I'll post pictures when I get a chance... she just won't stay still to pose pretty! I'd still like to make a cat tree (help me Sarah!) but since I have a few boxes at home, I might as well try this now!
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I got bored Saturday night and tried to work on her castle. Here are some pictures:

The front:

This would've been a cute picture had she not blinked! (the other side of the box)

Enjoying a treat I bribed her with to get her to play in front of the camera:

Playing hard to get camera wise:

Sorry the pictures change size... I have no idea why they do that!
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