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Thomas Breathes Really Loud.......

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I've been meaning to ask this, but it didn't seem like a potential problem initially. But now that Thomas and Cooper are going to be neutered soon, it occurred to me that I should check into this more.

I noticed a long time ago that Thomas breathes really loud.......especially when he's sleepy.....and he snores when he sleeps. His snores sound like little grunts. Being a nurse, I know that when children grunt when they breathe, it can mean a potential breathing problem. So, I wonder if any of you have heard of this in cats.....and if anesthesia could be dangerous to him?

It kind of worries me about him having surgery if he does have a breathing problem. I forgot to ask my vet about it last time we went in.

Also.....Cooper doesn't breathe like this. His breathing is just normal and quiet.

What do you think?
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I think you're right to be concerned about it, especially since he needs to be anesthetized soon. I wouldn't have him undergo anesthesia until he had a thorough exam done and the cause of the loud breathing determined.

Definitely speak with your vet about this. I hope it all turns out ok!
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What she said, I would definatly have him checked over throughly before having surgery done.
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Miko snores when he sleeps. It's almost human like. He's been checked numerous times and he's as healthy as can be.

With that said, I agree with the others. Definitely get an exam before he has any surgery done.
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