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In Memory of Dear Harrison

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My wonderful friend Nancy's beloved dog Harrison died today. Nancy is a former girlfriend, but we have always remained close even after we broke up. Harry was 15 years old, an all-American mutt, with maybe some Welsh Corgi mixed in. He "found" Nancy about 14 years ago-he wandered into her garage and into her heart. He refused to leave her garage, so Nancy gave him 3 baths, no one claimed him and as they say the rest was history. Harry was diagnosed with diabetes (by me) about 3 years ago...the vet denied he had diabetes at first, but he managed quite well with it. He would jump on her ottoman 2 times a day for his insulin shot...he was a real trooper! Nancy rushed him to the emergency vet early this AM, but alas he expired on the way to the vets. The vet said he went quicky, probably from multiple organ shut down, my guess his kidneys went first. Harry lost most of his vision, but he never lost his lust for life or his lovely and loving disposition. Nancy called me today at work to tell me the news...I cried all day at work. I cried for Nancy and her other dog Trixie who is 19, who I am sure will miss her baby brother, and of course I cried for myself as Harry held a major place in my heart.

Why does this have to be so hard? I came home tonight to Franz and Maddie and held them as hard as they would let me. I am so grateful to have them. Please send some healing thoughts to my friend Nancy. Good bye my dear Harry, you were not really my boy, but I will hold you next to my heart always. My biggest fear for Nancy now is that Trixie will start to fail, she is in good heath, bit arthritic. The thought of her lonliness now just rips at my heart. Please send good thoughts to my little Trixala as well.
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I am very sorry over the loss of little Harrison Barbara.... Just know that he is playing at Rainbow Bridge with his friends and watching over your friend and Trixie even though he is missed alot by You and Nancy.
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Barbara --

It's so sad when our friends leave us. You and Nancy and Harrison have my prayers and good wishes.
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Nancy and Trixie will be in my thoughts. Even though, as you said, "...you were not really my boy.", he was, and you loved him, so you are in my thoughts as well.
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Oh that is so sad! May Harrison RIP!
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This is very sad to read - all our pets are much loved. To have had Harry for so long must be heartbreaking.
He is continuing to love you all from the Rainbow Bridge.
Healing thoughts going your way for Nancy, Trixie and you.
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Oh Barbara i'm so sorry for Nancys sad loss of poor Harry

What a horrible week this is turning out to be for people losing their animals?! Emma who i got Sophie from has had to make the painful decision to have her beloved brain damaged cat Bumper PTS on the wednesday(19th) because everything possible has been done for him with no improvement

I feel sick just thinking what people like Nancy and Emma have to go through at this moment

I hope Trixie is ok as well
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Barbara, you, Nancy and Trixie are in my thoughts. I'm very sorry about your loss. RIP, Harry - you were loved.
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Oh Barbara, the death of anything/anyone that we love is one of the hardest things to accept in life. My heart goes out to your friend and to Trixie.......God bless.
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I am sending prayers up for nancy. You're a great friend to her. I'm praying for you as well.
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R.I.P. Dear harrison
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