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Could I get some advice please???

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I think I might be developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Recently I started experiencing pain and numbness in my left hand which is most noticable at night or when I'm doing certain repetitive tasks. Also, I think this problem is mainly cause by the repetitive activity I do at work. I found some information about Carpel Tunnel on the web, and plan on following the home treatment information found on this link http://my.webmd.com/hw/arthritis/hw213430.asp for two weeks before I go to the doctor. Does anyone see anything wrong with the information or do you have any other advice for me? Thanks in advance!
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That's pretty much how I've treated mine, for the past 18 years. Of course, I no longer have the job, which precipitated it.

Cold weather tends to aggravate mine, along with the arthritis. For me, heat works better than cold and ibuprofen is my NSAID of choice. A brace that extends up my forearm gives me more relief, too. The pain runs halfway up to my elbow and the longer brace tends to alleviate it. I've considered getting one of those elbow-length, rigid lace-up braces.

About 15 years ago, my mother had surgery for hers, with excellent results. These days, her left wrist is about the only thing that works properly. She had the best hand surgeon, in Southern AZ.
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Sounds good to me. The night splints really help most people. Becky
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I got severe CPS a few years ago from my work (and the office policy to ensure that we were like slaves!). A wrist splint made a huge difference, I wore it almost 24hours a day for about 4 months and in the end it made a huge difference. Splurge on a more expensive item too. If your insurance covers it get a doctor to prescribe it and you can expense it!

I was given Vioxx for my wrist and that was great, but I heard some stuff about badness going on wiwth vioxx at the moment. Anti inflamatories wil help greatly. I did hot-cold treatment rather than simply icing the area. Put your hand/wrist into a hot bath for 2 minutes then cold for 10 minutes. Back and forth for an hour or so. This helped when it felt like my arm was not only sore but cramping.

DO NOT USE A COMPUTER WITHOUT PROPER SUPPORT EVER AGAIN! Trust me, this has caused flare ups like crazy. When I'm at a hotel or somewhere without wrist rests I will roll up a towel or tshirt and use that.

Good luck, I hope you feel better!!!
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Lorie, I have tarsal tunnel in my ankles. Cold weather really annoys them and makes my feet hurt. they burn and feel like they are asleep all at the same time. My toes go numb, and at night sometimes, my feet twitch. It's quite weird.
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Lorie my hairdresser goes in for an operation on her left hand for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in march, she should have both hands done but because she has to stay away from work for 6 weeks after the op she's only doing one hand at a time.

I hope the home treatment works for you.
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Lorie, I don't have any advice for you but I hope your hand is ok!
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