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Sticky rice sized discharge=worms?

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I think .. Ghibli has worms. that is my guess. The girls do not seem to also have worms.
Ghibli is scheduled for getting fixed this thursday. Do I need to worry about the worms first, and will I have to reschedule hs neutering? I would call the vet, but they're not open on siunday, and worms aren't really urgent... are they?
Also, will he give the girls worms.
Also, do you think the amoxicillin he was on last week is the cause of the worm discharge, or is that just one of the thingsabout having worms... It's a lot. It's not just a little bit, and they're sticking to his butt fur as well.
Should I quatrantine him? will I get the same type f worms as him?

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Sorry I don't know that much about stuff but it does sound like a tapeworm - that's what Baylee had in October. Have you checked him recently for fleas? When I found the tapeworm I also found fleas on her.

I think he needs some medicine for it (I think it's just a pill) but it might be something you bring up to the vet... when I had that happen I called, brought in the sample with the worms, they gave me the pill and that was that. Also mention him getting neutered - see if they think the worms will change anything.

I'm sure others know more.. that's just all I know! Good luck!
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yeah.. there aren't any fleas in the apartment, none of them are itching, and there's no flea dander on him. He was flea treated while he was at the breeders, and he may have just always had them..
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Maybe so... poor little guy.

Okay I keep reading that you can't catch worms from him, whether your other cats can, I have no idea... I think not.
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Found this past thread, thought it might help you out a bit:

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Sounds like tapeworm. It shouldn't be a problem to his neuturing. When Stormy was spayed they found tapeworms in her and the vet gave me pills to give her when she came home.
Tapeworms are cause by a cat eating a flea that has a tapeworm parasite on it so it's not contagious from cat to cat. They only get it by eating fleas with that parasite.
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Bleh. Called Ghibli's Vet.. I get to pick up Drontal for him today, and Pill him. the vet was concened that the tape worm was in the stage that it started segmenting.. so pill before neuter.
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