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Shy cat

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Is it normal for my cat to be afraid of our friends? When we have company, Fergus rarely comes out, even to eat. No one in our home has ever been cruel to Fergus, but we adopted him, so I cannot speak about his past. How can we help Fergus to become less shy in his own home?
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I think that some cats are just more shy and timid than others. I have one cat that is like that. He's adopted from a shelter where they told us he was found dumped in a hole in the ground when he was 3 months old, so I don't know if he's shy because he had been abused in the past.

I must say that as time goes by he is very slowly but very clearly improving. At first he was scared of us too, but now he's very content to be held and loves to sit in hubby's lap. We simply let him know that we love him, we never ever shout at him or do anything to make him afraid of us.

When strangers (to him) come to visit he hides behind the fridge and chances are they won't see a glimpse of him. But he is friendlier with people who come often as he gets to know them.

Just let him be comfortable and show a picture of him to your guests until he decided to show up in person (if he does). Tell them they need to be quiet and not make any sudden noises or movements and if they come often he may learn to trust them.
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Do you entertain at your place frequently? I don't get alot of company at my apartment so when someone they don't know comes over, they hide for a while then slowly come out because they are curious. If they are really spooked, I put them in my bedroom with food, water, litterbox and the tv going. It's less stressful. But give your kitties time, they may adjust.
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We have people over at least once per week. He is starting to come out for those who are over more frequently, and I am so proud of him when he takes that step! He walks up to the person very slowly, and if they are still, and speak in a calm voice, he'll sniff them. If things are going really well, he will indicate to them where they may pet him.

I just want to help him to become the happy & confident kitty that he is when we are home alone. I think it would be good for him, but understand that he has been through a lot before he came to live with us.
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You know, Cat ARE very social creatures. However when they have been shown at some point not to trust, it can last a long time. There are also the cases where thats just the breed or personality. As long as they are happy, the only thing you can do is make sure none of the guests try to approach without the cats permission. Eventually the cat might see that nobody is going to hurt them. I had to bring 2 out of their shells and just now at 3 years old, they might come out to say hi to a stranger. As long as you know they love you, the world is right!!
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In 20 years of cat ownership, I have had some cats who always disappear when strangers are around and some that I wish would! Some are so friendly, it gets to be a problem when people come to visit. They want to be the center of attention and will have to be put outside so the "grownups" can have a conversation.
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