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New Bud Light Commercial

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I'm sitting here watcing the NFL playoffs with Indy and New England and a new Bud Light commercial just came on and it cracked me up!

There was a guy who went home with this really hyper girl who was bouncing all over the place and then said she had to go freshen up. While she was in the bathroom, the guy's buddy called and the guy said, "Well she's really annoying, but I'm desperate." The girl came back from the bathroom and pointed to her parrot and said, "Oh did you meet the bird?" (can't remember what she said his name was) And the bird said, "She's really annoying but I'm desperate....she's really annoying but I'm desperate...." The girl looked at the guy and he said, "Haha....I wonder what that's all about?"
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Maybe we all need a parrot!
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Yep.....to keep the guys honest!
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I haven't seen that one yet. Sounds funny!
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It is funny, but it's not really new. It has been playing for a month or more during football games.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed the "Play Beer" series from Miller Lite, where the official flags people in non-game situations. Those have cracked me up all season.
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Did you see the other today during the game? The one where the guy puts a shock collar on his roommate to keep him out of the beer? That one was hilarious too!
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ahh,i want to see that.. it sounds funny!!
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I like the Miller Lite commercial too....my favorite one is when two police officer stop a bunch of referee's and they have a bunch of bud light with them and tell them that "they got a tip of a bunch of ref stealing bud light and replacing it with Miller light." The officer then ask the refs for a receipt for all the Bud Lights and the refs says "I have the receipt here and yells RUN" and all the refs start running and the two cops start chasing them and then one of the officer talks on his radio and says "We got a bunch of Zebras on the run, requesting back up" I always laugh at that comment.

I also like the Budweiser commercials with Leon on it, and the Coors Light Commercials are always cool.
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i tried to find this bud commercial so i could laugh to this is wht i came up with uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yahoo! News - CBS Pulls Three Miller Lite Commercials
... Yahoo! News Mon, Jan 10, 2005. Search. All News Yahoo ... The other commercial features a Bud Light delivery man wearing capri pants ...
story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=597&e=11&u=/nm/ ... - 40k - Cached - More from this site

i want to see it anybody out there know where i can find it?
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LOL!! Sounds funny.
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