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Hi Everybody! I'm new!

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I am a happy owner of 2 black-and-white felines that bring SOOO MUCH joy to my life. I never had any cats till I came across a very small tabby that I took in. Unfortunately, she died after 2 days... I cried so hard that my boyfriend (who had cats before) brought me to the place where I found Jodi. Her brother and her were abandoned by their mom and brought up by a nice lady from a local vet hospital. Jodi was a feral cat who remined wild at heart.
she only alows a human interaction when SHE wants. she's not a lap cat, but a warrior who always must get it her way. There was a time when she would attack me: bite my ankles till I bled. I was angry and heart-broken, but it went away. I guess she was frustrated that I don't spend enough time with her (long working hours and commute...). Now that I moved very close to my job place, I get to spend lots of time with her. she's my shadow: follows me everywhere and watches whatever I do. oh, and gets upset when I close the door and leave her behind...
last june I learned about a pair of kittens at somebody's backyard. My friend took the prettier one. The other was waiting for somebody who was suppose to take it in. In the meantime, he got very sick. When I hear about that, I decided that I'll take care of him (knowing that he wouldn't be adopted when sick or even taken to the hospital). It was Saturday when I first saw him. Tiny, skinny thing with a half of the tail, blood dripping from his nose from constant sneezing and bad eyes... at the emergency hospital, they told me that he was negative for FHIV and leukemia, but has severe upper respiratory infection and stomach problems (I found out later that people on whose backyard he was born, where trying to help him by giving him alka-seltzer and other "remedies"...).
So I brought Phillip home and was feeding and admimistering medicine (antibiotic, eye and nose drops) till I took him to my regular vet on Monday).
soon he started eating better, was dewormed and "de-fleas-ed".
the doctor noticed that his back legs are weak and he has problems "navigating" using them. he often trips and can't jump high. He can make it on the couch but that's about it. there are 2 theories: either he had polio virus when he was a baby, or that's the way he was born. X-ray showed that his knees and legs have unususally long and thick bones.
but he's not in pain or anything. since my babies are exclusively indoor cats, Phillip will be fine.
and then he met his older sister Jodi. at first she would run away from him and hiss a lot. Now they got used to each other. Sometimes they sleep together, use the same litter box and water bowls. but if it comes to the feeding, Jodi eats on the counter and Phillip on the floor. otherwise, he pushes her aside, eats her food and then his. He has a huge appetite and would eat anything: even people's food - when Jodi does not care about it at all. Jodi became more mellow with Phillip on board. and she's jelous. now she comes to me more often for some love and attention. oh, and Phillip is such a sweetheart - he comes to me and climbs on my lap for a nap or play.
Jodi is a grat big sister; she cleans his ears, eyes and under his chin for him. also, since Phillip has a hard time in the litter box cleaning after himself - she goes and does that form him!!!!
my hear is full of joy everytime i see them... I would never think they would make me so happy.
now i rescued 5 ferals and trying to get the to the vet and find new homes for them. wish me luck!
so that's my story. you'll hear form me again
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Hi, welcome to TCS, to you and your famiy!So glad you have joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!Your babies sound so wonderful!Bless you for helping these precious little ones for whom you are seeking to provide care! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello, and welcome! It's nice to meet you!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hi and Welcome
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Hi and welcome! We're glad to have you here!
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Hi! I am glad to meet you, and I am so happy that you came here. Have a happy day!
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Hello I am new too.
It is so heart warming to read your story, and all the stories here.
I sometimes feel like my family is nuts because most of my neighbors are not animal people and especially not cat people. Unfortunately, there are too many cats "dumped here" and most residents react badly to them.
We do our best offer shelter and love and adopt as many strays as we can. Presently we have 5 kittie-kids and they have all come to us, crying at our windows or directly to us for help.

In the 18 years we have lived here, we have taken in 3 mother cats with kittens, (we adopted out 22 of the kittens), reunited 5 lost kitties with their owners, taken in 6 various age kitties, and sadly sent a couple of deathly sick strays that were too wild to for me to save to the Humane Society.

We also have a desparate male tuxedo cat, meowing around the doors and windows night and day, because he wants to move into our home. He is begging to me right now as I write this. Poor kitty.

The poor fellow meowing outside is breaking my heart. He lives on another street a couple big blocks away, yet he is here begging to move in. When I figured out he had home, I called his owners and told them how unhappy he is.
No adult response. A teenage boy told me the kitty belongs to an 8 year old girl. The girl's parents won't let poor kitty in the house. Although, they adopted him knowing that he was raised as an "indoors" only cat. He comes here crying all times of day and night and even during the pouring rain. He is a sweet guy and he is not spraying anywhere I do not understand his owners. They do not take any interest in his welfare. The little girl must abide by the parent rules. So the kitty is trying to find himself a good home.

Any ideas why these kitties all come here?
Any advice on how I should handle this?

I am thinking of finding the poor kitty outside a better family....

feedback welcome

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Hi there! Welcome to TCS!
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HI and Welcome
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Hi & Welcome to TCS ! Glad you found us. Look forward to hearing more & seeing some pics!!!
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Hi Izs, glad to know you've taken these poor kitties in. I'm sure they'll have a grand life ahead of them. I have a disabled kitty (Moo-moo, see his pic on my sig), he doesn't have any use of his hind legs & tail. Basically he just pushes his way, but he's a lovebug. I had him when he was about 6 months old, super thin and riddled with fleas. I couldn't imagine why people can be so heartless to let him live that way. But I'm glad he's with me now, he's well taken care of. He used to flee whenever he saw people, but now, he'd even come up and headbump me. I think he's so sweet.

Well I hope you have a great stay here at TCS! Everybody's nice and can help you in anyway they can.
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Hi Pamela, bless you and your family for helping these poor kitties.

I hope you can help the tuxedo cat too, he sounds like he's dying for someone to care for him. Is there anyway you can help him? Or report to the shelter that the family isn't caring for this kitty at all? Leaving him outdoors when he's raised indoors can be dangerous, he might get hit by a car or something.

I don't know but I guess their furry friends told them that somebody cares for cats and the message passed along . But I hope you can help them. You can expect more input from people on this board as I'm a newbie myself.

Welcome to TCS, Pamela, and you & your family deserve the best in life for helping these lovely creatures.
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Hello and welcome!! Another central Jersian here!!

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