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This is meant as satire, isn't it?

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Somebody posted the German version of this on a cat forum, and everybody is in stitches - they think it's supposed to be satire. I'm not so sure, because I've found the English version on the UK site: http://www.gourmet-cat.co.uk/
Life's Little Luxuries
Little luxuries make all the difference. Here are four top tips on how to treat your cat…
Every cat needs beauty sleep
Sleep is essential for beauty so provide your cat with a place to slumber in style. Invest in a soft, plump cushion made from pure duck or goose feathers. Make sure it's large enough for your cat to turn around on and snuggle into. Drape a mohair, cashmere or sheepskin rug on top for extra luxury.
Make your cat's home a castle
Adorn your cat's private nook with his or her favourite things. A gilt-framed photo of happy days together with you, for example, or a loved toy, will make your cat's part of the world truly a place to call his or her own.
Dine like a gourmet
Set a stylish placemat on the floor for your cat's bowl. As chefs tell us, food always tastes better if eaten from fine bone china, so buy a bowl fit for your regal feline. White is the best colour to choose: it offsets the tempting colour of foods.
Special treats
Candlelit dinners make mealtimes intimate so set your cat's bowl near a window, put a tealight in a safe place nearby and let your cat dine with a view. To complete the scene, place a glass bowl of fresh water nearby.
Little things count
To make your cat feel extra special, buy only the best of everything. Groom your cat's fur with a silver brush and have the brush engraved with your cat's name. Invest in a stylish litter tray and line it with sweet-scented recycled wood. Or give your cat the red carpet treatment by installing soft red shagpile underneath your cat's cat flap so his or her paws are welcomed in true royal style
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hmm i dont get it why are they in stiches???
it sounds cute.
i was considering of getting sheep skin for my cat as a luxurie but now he loves the satin curtain that im going to make a bed out of it.
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I think for some people it would be satire, for others it would be gospel. I know some cats who are treated better than royalty. Eat out of crystal dishes, sleep on feather beds or couches made specifically for them. Think about all the cats in history whose owner, when they died left everything to their cat(s). To some people, cats are their children, they assign them human names, treat them like children, assume they have the same type of emotions as we do, and usually end up with cats with behavior issues because suddenly the cat no longer knows how to be a cat. I am not sure why people would think this website was so funny- but I could guess.
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well i regard my cat as my child, he even learned how to hug
But i dont see the laughter in the site!
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I am afraid they are satirising people like some of us- who do things for their cats to satisfy themselves rather than their animals. The Londoners whom Swift satirised in Gulliver's travels didn't recognise htemselves either.
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I was going to say what Hissy said. Some people actually do do all that. I do some of it, but I even laugh at myself when I go overboard (and I would believe that doing that same stuff to a child would be overboard). Love and covering their needs is what's important. I don't really find it funny though.
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I see I have to explain. The text is on a Web site pushing Friskies Gourmet Gold, which, with its additives and flavor enhancers, is pretty much the equivalent of a Big Mac, so it seems pretty ironic to many that it advises spoiling your pet in this manner, and feeding something most vets (at least here) advise against. That said - Jamie loves Gourmet Gold, so I allow one can a month, as "junk food". On the German site, they've posted sample emails to send to Purina, pointing out the irony. That's a site where anybody who feeds cat food from the supermarket is practically lynched, I might add.
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I like it!
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