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You asked...

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Here's a couple of my furbabies...

Here's Conan, hence my name, the Conaninator. He's soooo cool!

Here's Cricket, aka Boo Boo Kitty, my on purpose kitty

This is Bart, he's cool too!

And this is my 6 month old GSD Reina, this is what the kitties have to put up with! She's almost 60 pounds and insists on curling up in this bed!
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Awww, Conan looks so happy and content! What a cute baby!!!
Cricket looks like he giving a for the camera!
Bart is a cutie!
Reina looks worn out from having to deal with all of the kitties!
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Oh I love all your babies! How cute!! You look like two of yours are the twins for my Trixie and Tigger!
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You have beautiful kitties and doggy......love the pics!
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Omg Bart is GORGEOUS!
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