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Cant hear myself think!!!!

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I'm having a problem with one of my cats. He meows loadly...all the time. When he's not sleeping he walks around the apartment and meows all the time. It driving me nuts and he's starting to do it at night now and I'm getting less and less sleep. I can't figure out why he does it...Please help me.
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This can be a sign of many things. Have you taken him to his Vet for an examination and blood tests? What is his age? Could he possibly be losing his hearing?
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If this is a new behavior he should be checked by a vet. Any sudden change of behavior should always be cause for concern.
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It depends on what type of cat he is? If he is Siamese or part Siamese, they get very talkative. It is their nature. I can understand your frustration fully, because I have been there many times. You need to take apart your cat's life mentally (if this is a new behavior)? First, be sure the cat is healthy, there are no litter pan accidents, he is eating fine, playing fine, drinking enough water. Is there something lately that has changed within the home? Anything really will set a cat off it it deviates from their routine. I had one cat long ago that every time I changed the bed covers (from summer, to spring, to winter) she would start acting out at night. Wandering around the bedroom, softly mewing. Of course I rushed her to the vet put her under unpleasant observation and testings and she was fine. After sitting down and writing about her behavior, I finally figured it out, she missed the old bedcover. I took it out of storage and put it on the bed and she was happy. No more talking.

So you sort of become your own detective. Changes, no matter how minor can disrupt a cat to the extreme, or even just in subtle ways.
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Yes, how old is he? If he is young and not neutered get it done ASAP. I had that problem with one of mine who had a retained testicle. Till we were able to find it he wandered through the house driving us nuts. If he is an older cat losing his hearing could cause him to do that.
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