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Tortie photos!

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These are photos of Keiko (Miko's Sister and Sebastian's Mom). She's a skilled bird hunter and loves to sunbathe.

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Awww, pretty Keiko!
Of my kitties, Joji is my top hunter but QT and Wawa are catching up!
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OMG!!! Keiko is gorgeous!!! What a stunning cat!!!
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She's beautiful! How come you don't have her in your signature too?
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Keiko is soooo beautiful!!!
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She truly has gorgeous markings!!
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Oh my, she's the most beautiful tortie I have ever seen!
Love the pics!
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Oh shes so pretty!
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Oh she's beautiful. I love those vibrant colors!
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Thanks for the comments!

Keiko is quite the diva. She's the reigning queen and does not tolerate any nonsense from the other cats (except Miko). She's very skittish around stranges because someone actually tried to steal her from our yard when she was about 2 years old. We put up a fence and a security system to protect her and the other cats from animal thieves and neighborhood dogs. Even with the security thing, there was a neighborhood girl that tried to steal Miko last year. Good thing my uncle is a police officer. He paid a visit to her and her parents and gave her a good scare. Needless to say, she doesn't walk by our house anymore.

KittyKook, she's not in my signature because she's not my cat. She's my mom's cat. I got Miko as a Christmas present in 1995 and my mom got Keiko a year later.
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Vey cute
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