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Does sound like she's going through natural adolescence and all adolescents have different ways of making it thru puberty. A word of caution - catnip toys may make her more hyper at this age. I had to take all the catnip away since we got our kitten because he'd wake us at all hours of the night after playing with it. The older cats are so cute when they play with it but he becomes a total terror. There will be no more catnip in our house until Frank is past puberty! Good luck.

PS I also feel it's better to consider rehoming your kitty if she's stressing you out that much. Life is no fun for you or the kitty if you're upset all the time and feel you're at the end of your rope. Again, good luck!
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Originally Posted by hissy
One way to help a kitten or a cat burn off energy is to go to an appliance store and get a big empty cardboard box. Bring it home and cut some holes in it off the floor, big enough for the cat to jump through, and off the floor level. Cut the flaps off one end, set the box up and toss some ping pong balls inside. They play for hours in there, run themselves down and sleep afterwards. The balls stay inside the box, giving the kitty a play room where you really don't have to worry about them. Cutting multiple holes in the side of the box, gives the kitten an incentive to jump in and out and further expend the energy.
what a great idea! i'm going to have to try this... Cable's very energetic, too, even at 5 months! she bugs Pixel like there's no tomorrow, chases her toys all over - luckily she seems to entertain herself very well... i just have to occasionally throw something for her! but i am looking forward to a 'calmer, wiser, older' kitty... Pixel probably is, too!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Our Jamie literally did not sleep for 2 or 3 days at a time as a kitten, and was seen by specialists due to his hyperactivity, and put through all sorts of neurological tests. He still averages only 8 - 10 hours a day of sleep, which is very little for a cat his age (6 in April). We were advised to feed him very high-quality cat food with as little grain as possible, and no artificial preservatives, and told that the "magic number" was 18 months; before that age you really can't expect "perfect" behavior. A friend with a hyperactive child sent me all sorts of articles about avoiding soy (one about hyperactive dogs), and after doing so, I saw a marked improvement in Jamie's behavior. As he won't accept other cats, we've made sure that he has regular play sessions with our neighbors' dog, and lots of play with us ("chase" is wonderful, though it wears me out; a laser pointer is a good investment, too.). As to the nighttime terrors - Michele has given you some good tips. I'd also suggest feeding your cat right before you go to bed.
The behavior you're describing is nowhere near what we went through (have you ever seen a cat literally climb walls to catch a spider on a 9 ft. high ceiling, slide down the railing of a 3-storey spiral staircase, or empty a double kitchen cabinet of its contents? Not to mention make long-distance telephone calls or press the test button on a printer 50 to 100 times in one night), and also doesn't match the experiences of other people with truly hyperactive cats (the worst was a Persian; go figure: they're supposed to be couch potatoes) I met at clinics and through a self-help forum. I'd say you have a normal, rambunctious kitten, and her behavior will improve with age. Until then, you'll have to put away all breakables, and learn to completely sleep under the covers at night (and maybe try ear plugs). It's not that I don't sympathize with you, but what you're going through really fits into the "normal" category.
Jamie is the most unusual cat I have ever heard about. Wow, the printer thing is amazing. He is smart. Mine has figured out that if you turn the handle the door opens which blows my mind, he keeps pushing it.
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One thing that hasn't been mentioned is a possible medical problem causing the kitty discomfort. My cat long ago (RIP) Buzz, had wild behavioral problems at that age and finally the vet found a growth in his abdomen (benign) which nonethless caused him despair and apparently craziness...cus once excised, he calmed down remarkably. And lived to be 16....
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This could be my 18 month old neutered boy cat!!!!!!!!
We have his sister/litter mate a spayed female that is just a little doll.
But my Boy is a challenge.
he yesterday jumped up in my workbench and knocked over a shelving unit that he has been trying to attack for weeks now
he didn't get hurt but he did break alot of work.
There isn't any where to lock him up as our house is open plan.
He loves water and the water spray bottle, and he gets bored in about two minutes with the lazor pointer or the cat dancer. ( His sister can and does play with them for about an hour)
He loved it when he caught mice in the kitchen but we now have no more field mice so he truly is bored silly. He is an indoor cat. He has a three level cat tree and toys all over the place. We are at our wits end trying to keep this extremely smart and extremely bored cat happy.
When he is good he is very very good.........when he is bad......well.............
you all know the rest.
and the thing is.......he KNOWS he isn't allowed on the workbenchs......
we say NO.........he stops and turns around and goes RIGHT BACK.......
and nothing distracts him for long.
While he hasn't dialed the phone YET....... he does 'help' the printer and the fax, knows how to open the bathroom door from either side, and knows that when he steals something of ours.......to hide it in his sister's crate......
or her food dish, not his.
any ideas for this little (ha, little is a joke he is almost 15 pounds and reaches to the countertops when he stands on his hind legs) guy?
we can't afford the losses to my studio.
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She sounds a lot like Henry, he's very rambunctious and wild like that, too. The best thing I did was start putting him in the bathroom at night - at first, I didn't want to isolate him that way, but I was feeling a lot like you seem to be describing, frustrated and stressed out and just at the end of my rope with him, so finally I did. Since then, I've been able to get an uninterrupted sleep at night, and as a result I'm much less stressed out and more patient with him during the day - and he's fine in the bathroom, he has his bed, fresh water, and his litterbox. So my recommendation would be to isolate her at night, so you can have a rest from her antics and not be so stressed the next morning.
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