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I found something that's a life saver for me. They are pre-moistened wipes made for giving you cats baths. Though the cats don't really like them, they tolerate it a whole lot more than water. My CJ doesn't like water that much, though I have never actually tried "bathing" them, because I found these wipes when I first got them. They deoderize, and dry quickly, and is safe for the cats. You can buy them at Wal-Mart, that's the only place I've seen them. They sure are a life saver. My cats are domestic shorthairs, (see pic below signature.) so, I don't know how well these would work on a longhair, but I know they help me!
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No. Never. Just clean his ears (he has allergies).
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I never bathe my cats, although one of them misjudged the depth of the bathtub water and fell in...
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Originally Posted by portdevoix
I never bathe my cats, although one of them misjudged the depth of the bathtub water and fell in...
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I have only bathed Beau when it was absolutely necessary, which it has not been for years now. In the early part of his life we lived in a city that had a terrible flea problem and this was before Advantage or Frontline was available. I bathed three cats and a dog every single week. (what a drag for everyone). Beau has always been good about being bathed. I can do anything in the world to that cat: trim claws, hold him upside down, bathe, give pills. If he doesn't like it (like bathing) he will yell bloody murder and threaten and snarl and sound as though he is going to kill someone but he has never once in his whole life scratched me, not even during bathing.

(Beau is a remarkable cat)
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Originally Posted by D'Elle and Beau
(Beau is a remarkable cat)

Yep, he sure sounds like it!! And he's so gorgeous, too!!!
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actually we only bath him a few times during the days that we got him. he scratched and fought but it was worth it because he didnt smell very nice.
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well, poor charlie got stuck in flypaper once, i hate that stuff, the only thing it ever caught was a bat and charlie, but not at the same time, it was up when we first moved in, and then he needed a bath, it's amazing my fiancee lived to tell the tale. we woke up with him yowlin in the night, flypaper all around him, it was terrible. he was ok though, after bath. i took the bat to rescue as well, they have some stuff that takes it off bats, apparently it was not new to them.
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Sierra hasn't had a bath since she was a little baby!
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I use the wipes every other month or so to get out the loose fur. He HATES it!!! At least it's earier then convincing him to get into the water
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Yep, bathe both Koa and Milo. Probably about every two weeks. I have a very allergic sister and we all visit once a week. They get a good bath, rub down, blow dry and brushing. They love it!
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I used to bathe Bert and Ernie when they were too little to clean themselves, but now they're pretty picky about keeping themselves clean. When Bella gets dirty I usually use a wipe or paper towel on her. I've only had to bathe her a couple times when she poo's all over herself in the car...that makes one stinky, nasty kitty! But after I bathed her she was so fluffy and pretty, I wish she'd let me do it more often. Oh well.
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I've only given Princess a bath once. She was very sick when I got her as a kitten and had to spend a week in the animal hospital and when I brought her home she had a bad case of fleas and stunk really bad. The vet said I could give her a bath. She was about 12 weeks old and it was like trying to wrestle an elephant in a shoebox just to get her wet. She had a death grip on my neck. I think there was more of my skin under her nails than was left on my neck. I swore after that if she (or any of my cats)ever need another bath I would rather just pay someone else. I prefer my skin left on my body rather than under kitty claws!!!
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