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Being Angelina Jolie

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For giggles, jotted this down after a discusscion with a friend:

*We Should all be Angelina Jolie for 15 minutes (forget the fame)*

“Did you hear about the storms in Southern Ca? Well I understand they destroyed more homes than Angelina Jolieâ€
-David Letterman

With the rumor that the recent break up of Brad and Jennifer might have been exacerbated by the lovely Ms Jolie a dear friend of mine and I had a discussion about her.

Friend “I know she has a personality disorder and all but wouldn’t you want to be her...(she paused) but I guess that could get to you after awhileâ€

Which lead me to conclude, yes it could be a bit much, but wouldn’t you, couldn’t you...just be her for 15 minutes? The woman who even made Charlie Rose appear to drool on to his Brooks Brothers. Shouldn’t everyone in the free world have that right, just once?
Just to enter a room and know all the men’s eyes, ears, and everything else was directed toward you? All the other forces of the universe would take a back seat. You could walk in to a room full of men (or women for that matter) discussing world trade issues, the freedom of the middle east yet there would be more head turning than at Wimbleton? There would be more tongue wriggling than at a “Pugs Owner Conventionâ€

Let’s face it, it’s not snubbing feminism to chuckle with enjoyment at the spectacle. Human male nature has it’s lovely predictable charm. In world of changing values and scary choices, one thing is constant, the overwhelming control a woman like Jolie has to change the course of events. And wouldn’t we all just want to be in that tornado force just once? If ever so briefly and then we can return to anonymity our regular selves, drink our wine, pay our taxes, be at peace and enjoy the exquisite stability of normal life.

But oh for 15 minutes.....
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Yes! I think so, too!
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On March 28, 1996 she married British actor Jonny Lee Miller, with whom she had co-starred in the movie Hackers. Jolie attended her wedding in black leather trousers and a white shirt, which had her husband's name painted in her blood on the back. Jolie and Miller divorced on February 3, 1999. Jolie then married American actor Billy Bob Thornton on May 5, 2000, and together they adopted a son from Cambodia, Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie, who was born on August 5, 2001. Jolie and Thornton divorced on May 27, 2003, and Jolie now has custody of Maddox.
Jolie has been long estranged from her father, though a reconciliation was attempted by his appearing with her in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In the October 2004 issue of Premiere Magazine, Jolie indicated that she was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with her father. Several years ago, she legally dropped Voight as her last name.

Angelina has the Japanese symbol for "death" tattooed on her shoulder, and the Latin words, 'Quod me nutrit me destruit,' on her stomach, meaning "What nourishes me also destroys me."

Jolie has tried therapy to help with her drug taking and other ‘demons’, but still, frightening incidents have occurred. While filming for ‘The Bone Collector’, she stepped infront of a moving train, and had to be pulled to safety by a crew member. She admits a fascination with death, has the Japanese word ‘death’ tattooed on her shoulder, and before going into acting, she even planned a career in funeral directing.

Angie believes that if a man will understand her sadomasochistic needs and will tie her up will be "the one". According to tomb raider actress she tried to stimulate trust in her marriages to actors Johnny lee Miller and Billy Bob Thorton by introducing violence into their sex lives, but now she says that she wants to push the boundaries even further with her next lover.

She explains that S&M makes her feel. It makes things honest and it helps her to deal with her violent streak. She wants someone to hold her down and make her feel safe and loved by completely submitting herself to him and letting him take all the control.

Angie goes on to say that S&M is often misinterpreted that it should be seen as something that has more to do with trust and love than sex. She says she likes to push boundaries in all areas of love.

Nah, wouldn't be her for two seconds. She's beautiful but messed up. And I know she's adopted kids, that's good. But still...I think she is a troubled person.
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Oh I realize that logically, but I don't know I can tell when I saw Charlie Rose he was really taken with her, here a conservative male, but they can't help themslves, I almost think it's BECAUSE she is messed up she exudes this ...something.

I don't really want to be her at all, but like I said, it would be a trip for a few minutes!
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I almost think it's BECAUSE she is messed up she exudes this ...something.
I completely agree with this. I am completely fascinated by her (not obsessed though, as I don't know very many details about her life). I think for me, being a somewhat shy, plain-Jane type of woman, I see a kick-ass strength that she really has or pretends to have that I wish I had. She really does exude something

I love many of her roles in her movies but don't agree with her "man-catching", relationship-wrecking" ways in real life, although half of the problem is the males she ensnares must be morally weak, or not really in love with their former lovers/wives/etc.

I wouldn't want to BE her exactly, but I would love to get to know her as a person. I have a friend (more of an acquaintence really) who used to be exactly like A.J. Very tough (gave herself her first tattoo at eleven years old), had a HIGH sex appeal & appetite, was a knock-out in a "tough" but feminine way. This woman is now in her early thirties, overweight, scared of everything, on medication for depression, anger, (you name it) and is a SHELL of the tough sexy thing she used to be.

So no, I wouldn't want to be ANYONE other than myself (even if I like to fantasize about it).
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I don't know that I would want to be her, but I think she is one of the most Beautiful women I have ever seen.
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Wouldn't want to be her, wouldn't want to be with her. I used to think she was pretty but strange, now I see her as just strange. I was unhappy at her selection to be Laura Croft (after the years of rumors about others) and has actually hoped it would have been Mila Jovovich (5th Element, Resident Evil).
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Wow, msd, I think I changed my mind.
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Personally, I have always thought that she is a disgusting, dispicable (sp?), moraly incorrect person. She absolutely disgusts me and I refuse to watch anything that she has a part in.

As for her "beauty".......I'm sorry, but I don't see it. I think Catherine Zeta Jones, and Julia Roberts are far more beautiful than she is. They have "natural beauty". Not to mention, are not digusting people. They have made some mistakes but so have we all. Angelina's actions are far from mistakes.
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she reminds me of a teenager who is acting out. It's like she's never grown up.
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I think she is beautiful, but to me, she looks like she needs to take a bath most of the time. She looks to me like she had B.O.

I think she's much prettier than Julia Roberts, but not as beautiful as Catherine Zeta Jones.
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OK...I'm ready to be slammed.

Are you saying she's disgusting, etc etc etc because she admits to enjoying S&M? Then why aren't you saying the guys from Queer Eye are disgusting? S&M is a lifestyle, just like being gay. People who enjoy S&M are just hardwired differently. They don't try to recruit little kids or even adults for their pleasure. And they don't think "vanilla lovers" are disgusting.
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i wouldnt want to be her for a second; though i wouldnt mind her money.

not only would you know how it felt to be beautiful for 15 mins you'd understand the paranoia and insecurity that comes with it. you'd get all her craziness and insecurities too, not to mention the bitchiness and backstabbing.

i'd much rather stay being me and just be content to have only my boyfriends and cats faces light up when i enter the room
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I'm saying that she is a disgusting person for her extreme lack of repsect for marraige, morals and compassion towards other people. I don't care about her sex life, sexual preferances or anyone else's for that matter. She is so insecure with herself that IMO, she sees the need to bust up marraiges for her own drama filled thrills in her life.

To me, that is what makes a human disgusting.......among other things. Simply put, she's not the type of person that I would welcome at my dinner table.
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sweets.. i don't think anybody minds the s&m.. maybe a little of the way she talks of it because most people think it's inappropriate to broadcast your sex life.. But in general we are all adults and realize that s&m is a fact of existence for a lot of people. And a lot of vanilla people aren't really completely vanilla anyhow..

But on jolie.. she's just dirty, a slut, and she talks about cutting during interviews which most likely makes younger girls want to do it to be cool like Angelina. And she must realize the impact she has on impressionable girls, and the fact that she doesn't care just makes her disgusting to me.
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Aren't all of these opinions based on what has been written in the papers and mags though? Sure, some of it's true but we don't actually "know" that she has broken up marriages. And if she has it does take 2 so what about the blokes that have ended relationships to be with her? They are just as much to blame as she is and i don't think it's fair to blame just her and call her a slut when we don't actually know for a fact that she has done anything bad.

She has a really cool side judging by the articles written about her too - in that she has done a lot for Third World Countries and their people so she definitely has a lot of good in her too.

I hate the way we all judge people based on stuff that is written about them. I confess to thinking Paris Hilton is a bit of a tart but that's based on rumour and inuendo reported in the papers and mags so whose to say she's not perfectly lovely??

I just think that we are all human, we all stuff up and some of us just do the stuffing up in a far bigger way than others.

As for whether i want to be her - no. It's hard enough trying to do the right things in life without the world judging every move you make.

BTW i don't condone women who break up marriages or relationships but innocent until proven guilty right??
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I just think she is odd. I don't hate her or think she is disgusting. I don't know enough about her to really judge. She just strikes me as odd.
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I just think she looks like she needs to take a bath.
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
she reminds me of a teenager who is acting out. It's like she's never grown up.
IMO too...
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