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my babies

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Here are my babies,they are now 4 weeks old,and getting cuter by the day(and very naughty LOL) They are all girls,3 blue and a lailac(i think) not looking forward to letting them go,hubby has said i cant keep one,but ill get my way hehehehe

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They are so cute! I really want to have some kittens. I've been begging my husband for weeks, but he seems pretty serious about not letting me.
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They are so cute!
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What precious little kitty babes!
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Awww they are so sweet. I am sure hubby will fall in love with them before it is time to let them go. What breed are they?
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AWWWWWW SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! You must keep one!! you just have to!!! In fact, keep them all!!! (Unless of course you want to give them all to me!!!
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Gorgeous!!! Aren't they sweet!!!!
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They are precious. I wish I could have one. You shouldn't have a problem finding them homes if necessary.
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They are beautiful!! I love siamese kitties. I have a Siamese mix and she never fails to surprize me with some of the strange things she does. She is a one woman entertainment center!

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I love Siamese! If I was closer to you I would have to have one. They are soooo cute!
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Your kittens are all so adorable!!
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Oh my gosh, they are absolutely adorable!!!!!!!
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