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One sick kitty, advice?

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Hi everyone... I have a sweet baby cat. She is about 6 months old. She has some serious genetic problems though. She was born without a body wall around her intestines, but this problem has been solved.
This morning I awoke to some odd "meows" (almost groans) and she was dry heaving and lethargic! The only thing she had eaten that was different than usual is a little piece of fresh cooked salmon yesterday. We took her to the vet immediately and they did some x-rays. They found that her stomach has actually moved up into her chest!! There are also problems with her diaphragm. However, this is not something our vet is familiar with, so he is looking into this. For now, she probably just has gas that is causing discomfort. They gave her Metoclopramide/Reglan 5 mg (1/4 tablet twice per day) to help the burpy tummy. About 3 hours have passed and she has still been dry heaving and lethargic (she is miserable!!). Her stools are also quite large and frequent. The vet is now closed and I do not want to make an emergency call if this is not a big deal. Should I be worried about her behavior? She seems so sick and unhappy. Thanks for any advice
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I'm not an expert but it sounds to me she needs some help very soon
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It sure sounds like a very big deal to me. I would get her to a cat specialist as quick as possible.
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I know in my state they have a major university ( about 3 hrs from me) and their is a very good vet school there that also has a clinic. Can you see if your state has a vet school that includes a practicing clinic? I hope everyothing works out.
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I am surprised that your vet sent your kitty home with this condition. SHe really needs to have surgery to correct it. I would not feed her tonight, then call a specialist in the morning. Look for a referal center with board certified veterinarians or a university vet hospital.
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Thanks to all of you for replying. Your concern is very much appreciated! I will look into a specialist and hopefully correct this problem!
Also, she has been (sorry) pooping all day long. I gave her another dose of meds and haven't fed her since 7pm (it is now 2am). She is much more active now...

This is crazy!
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This sounds something similar to the problem Persil had - she was Ok for a few months and then stopped eating and her breathing became fast. When I took her to the vet hospital they could not see a diaphragm in her xrays, and told me all her intestines were in her chest, pressing on her lungs. However, it is a university faculty and fortunately one of the surgeons was willing to operate, against the odds, and managed to move her organs into place and find what there was of her diaphragm and mend it. That was two weeks ago, and she is mending fine, apart from a post-op abscess on her leg which we are treating. But it was really important that she kept her strength up, so I syringe fed her with goat milk, egg yolk and liquidised kitten food, 50 ml four times a day for nearly three weeks. She will not be pronounced cured until the internal stitches have dissolved, in 90 days' time, but I am hopeful.
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I forgot to add that if you do a google search on 'diaphragmatic+hernia+cats' you will find several articles about this genetic condition, plus suggestions for surgical correction. Just so you are armed when you see the vet again. Good luck - I thought it was hopeless but it was not. I hope you find the same.
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Thanks jennyranson... Very helpful!
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