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Lumps From Kitten's Vacination

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Two of our kittens developed large lumps, at the site of their vacination shot. The lumps are very large, larger than grapes. I called the vet and they told me to keep watching them, and see if the lumps go down, but I read on the internet, that vacinations can cause cancerous tumors. Now I am worried about them.
Has anyone else ever had this problem?

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Lumps can be normal when a kitten gets it's kitten shots, it is an inflammatory knot. The vaccine sarcoma's that you read about on the internet are usually seen in older cats that have had vaccines over many years. A vaccination is supposed to make an animals immune system make antibodies for specific virus's, sometimes the immune system starts right to the sight of the vaccine causing an iflammatory knot. On very rare occasios the knot can become infected, so do keep an eye on it.

One of mine did get a lump from his kitten vaccines, he is fine now.
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Moving this to the Health Forum where you may get a lot more views from knowledgable members ...

Best of luck,

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Thank you Petnurse2265. We have had cats, from the time I was little, and I have never seen or heard of this happening before. I was quite concerned, especially with the run of luck we have had lately, it happening to two of the kittens, and the fact that we had gone to a cheaper vetinarian, to try to save a little money. Thanks for easing my mind a little. The kittens are very special to us, and we would be devistated if anything ever happened to them.
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Most likely your cats will be just fine...however perhaps it is worth asking your veterinarian if s/he has a different brand of vaccine to try the next time around. If you don't get the same reaction the next time, it's the formulation, if you do, it's probably just the way your cats immune system is reacting to the vaccines.

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Two of mine regularly developed bumps at their vaccination sites which faded over the next few weeks. One of mine is highly allergic to a few things, including one of the vaccines - which she no longer gets. To help her through the vaccination time, however, we also give her an antihistimine at the same time. You may ask your vet if this is a possible course of action to use with your cats the next time.

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When Princess was a kitten she got a big lump from her first round of shots. It was so bad that she could hardly walk for a few days. It seemed to get better really quick though. The shots were done at a mobile clinic and I will NEVER take her back there. She now only goes to the cat hospital and there have never been any problems since.
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Thanks. We took them to a cheaper vet, to try to save some money, and because it happened to two of them,, I am a little concerned that it might be from the way the vet gave the shots or maybe the brand or something. We have had several other animals and never had this happen before! They do look like they are starting to go down a little, they don't look quite as large as they did.
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Just Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!, hope your kittie are well soon!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Just Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!, hope your kittie are well soon!
Thanks Coolcat, love your quote about man and the cat. lol, how true!
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