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funny website

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Here's a cute website if you need a smile

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Very cute!
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It is really cute!!
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Hee hee hee! It gave me a good laugh and is so true too.
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Way too cute......and so true! :Kitty2:

I now have 6 furfaces playing this game with me...1 three year old, 1 seven month old, and 4 six and a half week olds!... ACCCKKK!

(wouldn't trade it fo the world!)

Beats any alarm clock on the Earth, if I could only just figure out how to set them all to the same time! :laughing2:
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That is soooo cute!! and sooo true..., Cleo I bet you wish you could turn them off too once they've starting "ringing" eh? hee hee
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Cleo, I only have 2 fur babies, but they definitely get me awake. Tara is at least 12 or maybe 13, and Faile is 6 months. They're either playing, and Tara is not happy and howling about it at 5:30 am.

Faile likes to play mountain climber on my dresser, love the sound of claws on wood early in the morning. Or Tara is doing the FEED ME dance around my head.

I love them, and would not wish to have it any other way--but if they could wait until I am awake it would be nice, but would ruin their fun!
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thank you for putting a BIG on my face!
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Bren 1 / That was a nice thing to read this morning. My little
wake-er-uppers already did that to me about 2 hrs ago!
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Debra, I'll take the 4-legged alarms any day, at least they don't scare the heck out of me like my other alarm does sometimes!
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