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Dance with the cats

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Dance with the cats now heres a strange one i wonder if people really buy these tapes and dance with there cats

Heres one of the clips if it don't work you'll find it on the page


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Very strange......
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Woaw! i didn´t know about it!!!! looks prettie good! Did you figured if you want to learn to dance "Tango" with your furball????? .....
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That is, well, odd!

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This is wild!
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ummm..... yeah..... Some people need to get out more often.. haha
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I heard of exercising with your cat, but I guess this is totally different like in strange different.
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I've seen ads for these classes over here, and a magazine article or two. I find it rather weird, but why not?
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i cant view the videos
but i would love to do it!
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sounds cool!
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I would do it if it were offered here... I dont know about Patches though!!
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Fred loves for me to dance around while I hold him. I thought it was us being silly.
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thats to funny
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