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Water play

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Does anyone know how to stop a cat from playing with his water bowl?
Every evening I give my cats clean drinking water, but by the time I wake up my tomcat, Reggie, has moved the bowl halfway across the kitchen floor (it's a heavy ceramic bowl!) and all the water is all over the floor.

It really bugs me. Every morning I have to mop the floor and because of his antics both of them end up without drinking water. I guess it's not that big of a deal, although very annoying, but if I go somewhere for a day or two, they'll have no water...

I wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how to stop it.

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We had to change the actual water bowel three times before we found one where my idiots wouldn't knock it all over the kitchen. Cats can have problems with depth perception, on top of water being clear, and will often "play" with the bowl until they can see the water level. Theyll stick their paws in it or drag it.

My three cats had trouble with metal bowls, black ceramic, and beige ceramic. The only bowl that hasn't been moved once is the one that's a medium blue ceramic. Since we changes over, we stopped having the puddles in the morning.
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I actually use a brown ceramic crockery-style bean pot for one of my water dishes. It is almost impossible to move or knock over when it has water in it and the cats seem to prefer drinking from that than from their other bowl - a plain white ceramic mixing bowl.

Freija still paws the water before she drinks and I think she is either trying to make sure where the surface is, or she is telling me that it isn't clean enough- not sure which:-)

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Look into cat fountains, drinkwell or pet mate, when the water is constantly moving, they tend to not want to knock it over
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I got a pet fountain to stop my Bengal from slopping water everywhere. She likes to tip anything with liquid in it so she can play with the puddles. The fountain is heavy enough that she can't tip it (although she did learn quickly how to open the 'lid' and remove the filter) and the moving water keeps her entertained. I tried big weighted dog bowls, steel, ceramic, heavy flower pots, you name it! The fountain is the only thing I've found to be Bengal-proof
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Thank you all very much. I was already thinking of getting a waterfountain for them and maybe/hopefully that will be the solution.
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Yep,I would recommend a pet fountain as well.My cats love it.I never had a problem with my cats knocking the water bowl around until I acquired a Maine Coon a couple of weeks ago.He is fine with the fountain,but the other water bowls seems to get knocked over when he decides to drink from them.
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My cat only drinks water out of blue things. The white bowl she has in the kitchen she wont touch, but the blue plastick thing by my bed that I filled with water to throw at her when she clawed the matress. Yum! Oh the irony.
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